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Chapter 1758: I Am Societys Young Master Ling, Ruthless and Not a Man of Words

“Editor, editor, how exactly did you guys invite Han Zhuoling”

The editor replied, “Haha, you have to ask our chief director.

Hes the one who contacted all the guests.”

“Wah, the first episode even has Qin Zigou.

I didnt expect that he would participate in a variety show.

There are so many people who are variety first-timers in this show!”

Judging from the netizens reactions on Weibo, everyone had a pretty good first impression of the show.

The show officially began, and the production teams official Weibo account editor was closely watching the netizens reaction on Weibo.

On the screen, the scene showed that the time was still at dawn.

Lu Dongliu brought the cameramen to knock on the guests doors one by one.

“Wake the guests up from their sleep and let the audience see the most real image of the guests in private.

The production team is really going all out.

Arent they afraid of being chased on their heels by the guests”

“Zhang Jians eyebags are so severe.

He probably didnt have a good rest.

Please rest well, dont tire yourself out.”

“When Teacher Liu Chuanhui has just opened his eyes, he looks so cute.”

“Hahaha, these people are scared now.

No one dared to go and wake Han Zhuoling up.

So even the guests are afraid of First Young Master Han.


“Quick, go into Han Zhuolings room.

I really want to see how he looks like when hes sleeping.

I want to lick the screen!”

“Better if Han Zhuoling has a habit of sleeping nude, even if its just the upper half of his nude body!”

“Such welfare, welfare!”

On Weibo, Han Zhuolings fans were also spreading the word.

“Everyone, quick, go and watch Survivor.

They are showing Han Zhuoling now.

Young Master Ling is still sleeping now.

They are about to go to sleeping beauty Young Master Ling.

Dont wait any further! Quick go and watch!”

When the door opened, they saw that Han Zhuoling was already in proper attire and was working.

“What the f*ck! Young Master Ling is amazing! The shows tricks are the tricks you have been playing all along.”

“When other people are still sleeping, you are actually awake working.

You are handsome and richer than me, yet you work even harder than me.”

“The time shows that its 4 AM in the morning.

I am still sleeping at this time.

I have never seen the sun at 4 AM or even 5 AM in the morning.”

“First move by the production team and it failed.

They got KO-ed by Young Master Ling.”

Afterward, as the show progressed, Han Zhuolings existence seemed as if he was cheating every round.

As he usually did not talk, each time there was a scene of him speaking, it was actually because Shi Xiaoya and the director following them were asking him questions and Han Zhuoli was answering.

The production team then edited out Shi Xiaoya and the directors voices.

So it became Han Zhuoling explaining his actions in front of the camera.

“What the f*ck.

I am societys Young Master Ling, ruthless and not a man of words[1].

His IQ is probably 280.

What a cheater HAHAHAHA!”

“Feel so sad for Qin Zigou and Lin Yantao.

They can only cozy up to Young Master Ling because they cant solve the clue.”

“The production team is too heartless.

The problems they set are too difficult and too hard on the guests.”

The show soon ended and showed the preview of the next episode.

The next episode would be the second-day continuation of the first episode.

Due to time constraints, the production team had split one episode into segments to be aired.

The audience was left hanging after the show.

“Its so nice to watch! Its rare that theres a variety show like that that takes the path less traveled.

And the production teams funds kept burning all the way.

Theyre way too rich!”

“Thats for sure.

This show is sponsored by the Han Corporation in the first place.

The Han Corporation invested a huge sum into it.

It could be said that they place a pretty huge bet.

After all, this show is very novel and could be considered the first in the country.

Whether it will be successful, no one will know until the show has aired.

But the Han Corporation could actually invest so much in it.

Shows how rich and imposing they are.”

[1] Chinese e-sports slang for a swift and powerful gamer

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