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Chapter 1739: He Noted It Down

Han Zhuoling nodded.

He was quite happy at first, but he suddenly thought of a problem and instantly felt not so happy.

“Dont give your card away to others so easily next time,” Han Zhuoling said.

“…” Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, “If not for your pitiful expression, why would I give my card to you”

“Of course not.

This card is just like my house keys.

How can I give it to other people so easily” Shi Xiaoya said.

Why would Han Zhuoling think of it that way How strange.

Han Zhuoling explained, “I was just worried that you will trust other people too easily.”

“I wont.

Even if I trusted the person, giving them my card would still feel weird.” After saying that, Shi Xiaoya even stole a glance at Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuolings lips curved up and he asked again, “Does Qin Zigou have your house card”

“No.” Shi Xiaoya realized that Han Zhuoling seemed to really mind Qin Zigou.

He always asked if Qin Zigou had something, or if Qin Zigou was around.

Just like children comparing themselves to each other in kindergarten.

Shi Xiaoya explained, “I only have four cards in total.

I have one with me, one I gave to my elder brother, another to my mom so that she can come and visit me whenever.

The Auntie at home who can send the groceries over to my house after buying them also uses my moms card.

The last card, I left at home as a spare card just in case.

Now that Im giving you this card, I will be using the spare card.”

As for Qin Zigou, he was normally even busier than her.

Because of work, he had to travel often and would often go out on business trips again a few days after coming back from the previous trip.

So it would be no use even if she gave one to Qin Zigou.

However, Shi Xiaoyas intuition told her that she should not say that.

She did not know why, but as long as she mentioned Qin Zigou, Han Zhuoling would definitely be unhappy.

So Shi Xiaoya astutely did not elaborate too much.

Indeed, Han Zhuoling seemed to be in good spirits.

The lift door opened and both of them entered the entrance foyer of the house.

There was a heater in the house, so it was warmer compared to just having the aircon on.

Usually, Shi Xiaoya had to open the windows too, or else the house would feel too hot.

Hence, she did not need to change into the thick slippers she wore previously.

Shi Xiaoya then found the pair of autumn-style home slippers that Han Zhuoling bought the previous time around for him to wear.

This pair was not a couples slippers anymore, because the pair that Shi Xiaoya was currently wearing was the one that she bought when she saw it in a shop and felt was cute while casually strolling along the streets after work.

This was during the time when she went overseas to be Gao Zishans makeup artist for her attendance in a film festival.

Han Zhuoling changed into the slippers and noticed that his were different from Shi Xiaoyas.

He laughed dryly to himself and took a mental note of this.

Shi Xiaoya checked the time.

It was a quarter past eight, so there was enough time.

She then let Han Zhuoling in to have a seat.

Thinking that they had a whole days journey ahead, Shi Xiaoya used the coffee machine to make two cups of coffee.

She toasted a few slices of bread.

There were fruit jam, chocolate sauce, and peanut butter in the fridge.

She then made some fried eggs and scrambled eggs, then prepared some fresh salad and a plate of sliced fruits.

She then placed them on the dining table, which looked quite sumptuous.

Shi Xiaoya said in an embarrassed tone, “I only have these for breakfast at home.”

“No worries.

These are very good.” Han Zhuoling was already half-full from eating breakfast at home after all.

But in front of Shi Xiaoya, he was afraid that if he ate too little, it might make Shi Xiaoya misunderstand that he did not like it, so he forced himself to eat quite a lot.

After finishing the last mouthful of coffee, Han Zhuoling secretly rubbed his stomach.

He ate too much.

However, Shi Xiaoya was very happy when she saw that Han Zhuoling actually finished everything.

She was afraid that it might not be to Han Zhuolings taste and that he would not like it.

“Are these not enough” Seeing that Han Zhuoling had finished all of it, Shi Xiaoya said, “Should I go and make some more”

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