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Chapter 1732: How Damn Familiar!

She wondered if she distracted him from work when she sent that message.

But thinking about it again, she felt it was good that shed sent a message rather than called him.

If he was not free, he would not have replied immediately.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya was already mentally prepared that she would not receive Han Zhuolings reply immediately.

Who knew that hed actually reply to her within seconds.

It was not only Shi Xiaoya who did not expect it; even the people in the same meeting as Han Zhuoling were shocked.

What did they just see!

Usually, the moment they had a meeting with Han Zhuoling, each of them would be so nervous that they would not even dare to exhale out loud.

From the moment they walked out of their offices, they would quickly set their phones to silent mode, afraid that they would forget to do so before the meeting and end up making a mistake in front of Han Zhuoling.

So in meetings with Han Zhuoling, everyone was especially quiet.

Except for the report, no other sound could be heard.

And Han Zhuoling had never been distracted in meetings before.

But now, he was actually looking at his phone!

And he was openly using his phone on the table!

The department manager who was giving the report hesitated, unsure if he should continue speaking.

Because he did not know whether Han Zhuoling was listening to him.

Han Zhuoling sent out the message and sensed the hesitation in the department managers words, so he plainly said, “Continue.”


The manager continued with the report.

As much as he was nervous in front of Han Zhuoling, he still could not contain his curiosity and secretly glanced sideways to see Han Zhuolings reaction.

Han Zhuolings gaze would occasionally shift to his phone.

Even if his phone was locked and did not light up, he would still slide to unlock it occasionally to take a look.

Everyone was struggling to contain their curiosity.

Whose message was First Young Master Han waiting for

He looked so anxious waiting for it.

They really wanted to know who had sent the message was.

Who could receive such treatment and actually make Han Zhuoling distracted enough to read a message while at work

In the end, Han Zhuoling was disappointed.

After replying with “okay,” Shi Xiaoya did not send any more messages.

Why was she so aloof

He did not know, but it was actually because Shi Xiaoya was afraid that she was disturbing him at work.

She felt a little regretful that shed not been mindful of her actions, actually sending him a message during work hours.

Hence, after receiving Han Zhuolings reply, Shi Xiaoya did not feel good about disturbing him further.

And so, until after the meeting ended, aside from an “okay” from Shi Xiaoya, he did not receive any other reply.

Han Zhuoling walked out of the meeting with a sullen look on his face, leaving the various department managers exchanging glances with each other.

“Whats… Whats going on with Young Master Ling Why did he suddenly get into a bad mood”

Although Han Zhuoling had always maintained a stern expression, when he was in a bad mood, it was still obvious enough for others to tell.

Especially now, when his whole body was emanating black fumes.

“Previously when he was looking at his phone, I saw that he seemed to be in quite a good mood,” someone said.

When Han Zhuoling replied, although he could not see Han Zhuolings reply and who he was replying to, this person had been secretly observing Han Zhuolings expression.

That face of his looked so gentle that it was as if he was a completely different person.

“Speaking of this, its not uncommon for Young Master Ling to receive notifications on his phone, but I have never seen him reply to messages so quickly before, much less during a meeting.” Someone asked politely, “I wonder who hes messaging for him to not care about the meeting anymore”

“This scenario seems a little familiar,” someone suddenly said in a small voice.

Everybody: “…”

It was really… so damn familiar!

Having been reminded of this, everyone suddenly recalled how, back when Han Zhuoli was still only dating Lu Man, hed behaved exactly like that.

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