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Chapter 1721: Open Your Eyes Wide and Look Properly

“I… Ill go and change out of the wedding dress,” Lu Man said.

“The wedding dress is very nice, the measurements are just right too.

Theres no need to adjust anything.”

Han Zhuoli knew that she was nervous.

They were outside, and in someones work studio.

Of course, he could not do anything.

But Lu Man really looked too beautiful in this.

He could not even bear to look away.

He finally let go of her and Lu Man turned to go back to the fitting room.

When Qin Zigou saw her, he immediately stopped her and called out, “Hey, Lu Man, dont change out first.

Im not done yet here.”

Lu Man turned and stopped to stare at Qin Zigou.

Qin Zigou laughed.

“How can the wedding dress that I designed be so simple If it was done just like that, why would you need to look for me to design it If thats the case, I would be tarnishing my own reputation.”

The assistants then came back and invited Lu Man to stand on the stage.

Right in front of her was a full-length wall mirror.

The two assistants stood at the back to arrange the tail of the dress for Lu Man.

The full extent of the tail of her dress was finally laid out in full, spread out in a fishtail style on the floor.

Afterward, one of the assistants came carrying the veil and put it on for Lu Man.

The veil was actually as long as the length of the dress, and it fell in layers over the long tail of her dress behind Lu Mans head.

After arranging it properly for her, the assistant stepped aside.

Qin Zigou said as he stood beside Han Zhuoli, “Now, open your eyes wide and look properly.

Make sure you dont blink your eyes.”

Needless for him to say, Han Zhuolis eyes never shifted away from Lu Man from start to end.

When he was hugging her just now, he just wanted to take off her wedding dress with his own hands.

But looking at Lu Man wearing a wedding dress in full view from a neither-near-nor-far distance made her seem so refined as well.

As if she stepped out from the snow.

Hearing Qin Zigous reminder now, Han Zhuoli did not dare to blink even more and fixed his eyes squarely on her.

Lu Man also heard Qin Zigous words and was very confused.

Until the assistant pressed on the switch, and the curtains indoors slowly closed.

The thick and heavy curtains blocked out all the light from outside, so no light could shine through.

But the lights were still brightly lit indoors.

Hence, the brightness was not really affected.

The other assistant was already waiting in front of the switch.

At the same time when the curtains closed, that assistant turned off the switch, turning off the lights in the room as well.

The room was in complete darkness, as if it was nighttime.

Then, that assistant pressed on another switch.

A faint glow of light suddenly lit up above Lu Mans head.

It turned out that the ceiling above her had a single spotlight as well, just like those on theater stages, and it only shone on the stage in the room.

When the light shone, Lu Man was encapsulated within its glow.

And the tail of the wedding dress Lu Man was wearing actually sparkled with faint dots of light.

They seemed just like little fireflies shining brightly, creating a dreamlike illuminating effect, making it seem so unreal.

And the veil on Lu Mans head glittered as if there were diamonds on it.

The bits and pieces of light seemed to all merge together.

If she walked, it would definitely look like there were stars chasing her.

Everyone was awestruck.

This was not the assistants first time seeing it.

But even if they looked at it again, they still could not help feeling awestruck.

Lu Man stared into the mirror and gaped, but she could not utter a word.

It was too beautiful!

Han Zhuoli also did not expect that Qin Zigou actually put so much hidden thought into this wedding dress.

Seeing both of them looking so awestruck gave Qin Zigou a huge sense of achievement.

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