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Chapter 1717: You Lose If You Really Get Angry

Howard walked up to Lu Man.

Luzern was so scared that he quickly went over to Howards side, afraid that Howard would spout nonsense again.

He decided that once he spotted something wrong, he would be able to stop Howard in time, lest he said something that would land himself in trouble.

“Lu Man!” Howard stopped in front of Lu Man.

Lu Man looked at him but did not speak.

Howard was heard scoffing coldly.

“You were only lucky when you won against us.

You just happened to run into a time when we were not in a good condition and had been caught off guard by you guys.

And you actually looked for a famous director to help you guys.”

Howard laughed sarcastically.

“We have a saying,the time is right, the geographical and social conditions are favorable. We have all three of these things,” Lu Man said.

“You can refuse to admit defeat, but this also just shows that you guys are sore losers.

Your condition was not good because you guys failed to adjust your mentalities.

We invited a famous director, but you guys could very well have done the same.

We wouldnt have stopped you.

Now that you lost, you should look into yourselves for the reasons, dont blame everything on luck.”

“Luck, in front of real capability, is all fluff.

If your acting is solid enough, why would you be scared of any mishap And theres another saying: Luck is also a part of capability.

Of course, you were very arrogant in the days before the competition and looked down on all of us.” Lu Man laughed in mockery and said, “What a pity.

I actually thought you were so amazing.

In the end, your skills dont match up at all.”

Howards expression twisted from Lu Mans words, and he heard Lu Man continue to say, “If you pretend to be so amazing next time, make sure your skills match up first.

Or else youre going to embarrass yourself big time.”

“You!” Howards embarrassment turned to anger.

“You dont need to gloat either! The people who came on exchange this time from our side are not even our schools best talents!”

Lu Man was really laughing out of joy this time.

“You kept boasting about how good you were previously, yet you performed so badly on stage.

And now you say that the real talents all remained in your school, so youre a second-rate talent.

Are you proud of that I really give it to you.

Your abilities are clearly average and thats how you got chosen to come here, yet you can actually say it out so arrogantly.

Is this a good thing”

Howard was so furious that he kept taking in deep breaths.

Who said his capability was just average

He never said such a thing!

He merely said that there were people who were more capable than him!

In their school, the competition was so intense.

Him being in the second-rate talent team was considered very outstanding already.

Lu Man was purposely putting him down!

“Enough.” Luzern quickly grabbed Howards shoulder, lest he could not reign in his temper.

Luckily, Luzern stopped him.

He still did not know that Han Zhuoli was here too.

Or else, they would really have a rough time ahead.

Luzern quickly dragged Howard away.

Howard said unhappily, “Why did you drag me away”

“Was I supposed to wait for you to spill the actual capability of our first-rate team to Lu Man” Luzern said in a low voice.

“Shes purposely agitating you.

If you really got angry, you lose! That girl is very crafty, dont clash head-on with her.

You will get led by the nose without knowing it yourself!”

Luzern could tell that Howard did not intend to say all those things to Lu Man at first, but after Lu Man agitated him, he could not help but spill so many things out and slowly get led away by Lu Man.

“Anyway, she still has to come to our school to participate in the competition.

You have to work harder.

You can fight for the opportunity to go up on stage and get revenge for this time.

Use your capability and actions to prove your worth.

Thats much better than anything else!” Luzern did not say one more thing, afraid that if he really said what he felt deep down, it might just agitate Howard even more.

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