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Chapter 1694: I Like to Look at You

Howard seemed so capable in front of Lu Man, but in front of Han Zhuoli, he immediately became timid.

“Howard.” Luzern walked over and said, “We have to go.

What are you still doing here Quickly go back with us.”

Luzern was also afraid that Howard would still go and provoke Lu Man and Han Zhuoli at this moment.

This time, they were really thrown into deep trouble by Howard.

Howard clenched his teeth and still did not dare to say it in front of Han Zhuoli in the end.

He could only go back and look for Bourbotte before making other plans.

“Zheng Yuan, Lu Man.” Li Zeyu came over and said, “Were planning to go for a group dinner to celebrate.

Lets go together.”

“I can come,” Zheng Yuan immediately said.

Lu Man smiled and said, “Sorry, my family members all came, so Im afraid I have to eat with my family now.”

“No worries.” Li Zeyu only came to ask.

If he did not ask Lu Man, and the others went to celebrate without telling her, that would not be nice.

Furthermore, this time, the biggest credit went to Lu Man.

But they did not dare to snatch her from the Han Family!

Li Zeyu glanced over and saw that the whole Han Family was standing there waiting.

This line-up looked just like billion-dollar notes on the move.

Their aura was really too overwhelming.

This was the first time Li Zeyu and the others saw the Han Family people all at once.

“I just came over to ask.

When you are free another time, we can all gather together again.

The biggest credit goes to you for our win this time!” Li Zeyu said as he smiled.

After The Performer incident the previous time, Li Zeyu had developed a very strong faith in Lu Man.

The Performer had propped up so many other people, even he wanted to take a gamble and join just for the popularity of it.

Only Lu Man refused to participate in it from start to end.

Yet in the end, it proved that only Lu Mans choice was right.

Now, no matter what Lu Man said, Li Zeyu would definitely support her wholeheartedly.

Hence, Zheng Yuan went off with Li Zeyu to celebrate.

The group was really happy.

Winning first place in the competition this time undoubtedly added a layer of prestige to themselves too.

The moment they went off, Lu Man immediately held Han Zhuolis hand, instantly feeling a sense of security.

Just now, Howard had still wanted to block her path and not let her go, but the moment Han Zhuoli came, Howard got scared.

Having such a strong man by her side really made her feel especially at ease.

Sensing her rare dependence on him, Han Zhuoli lowered his head and happened to see Lu Man looking up at him.

That palm-sized, v-shape face was looking up at him.

From this angle, it made her originally small face look even smaller, giving off a cute feel about her.

“Whats wrong” Han Zhuoli squeezed her hand.

Being looked at by her like this made his heart feel really full.

“Nothing.” Lu Man smiled and said, “I just like to look at you.

Being with you really makes me feel at ease.

No matter when, as long as you are around, I have nothing to fear.

It makes me feel really assured knowing that I have you to back me up.”

Han Zhuoli laughed.

If not for the fact that the elders were still around watching them, he really felt like pinching the tip of her nose.

She did not even know that her being like this was way too cute.

Guo Yujie had already left first, leaving Shi Xiaoya behind here.

Shi Xiaoya also came to say goodbye, but her hand was being held by Old Mrs.


This action seemed to show she was afraid Shi Xiaoya would run away.

Lu Man came over and Old Mrs.

Han immediately praised, “Man Man, your acting is really awesome! Although I watched your live performances before, I still feel amazed every time I watch.”

“This time was really because of a confluence of factors.

To be honest, in another situation, I might not have been able to win, or even win so handsomely,” Lu Man said as she smiled.

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