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Chapter 1693: Instant Regret

Yet now they had to bring the same number of flags they brought over back home—and still had to bring one additional flag from the NFA.

The four teams sent their representatives up on stage.

On the exchange teams side, Shana and Edinburgh went up on stage together.

On the NFAs side, Lu Man and Principal Liu went up on stage together.

The other schools also sent their respective student representatives to go up on stage together with the principals of their schools.

The other students went up empty-handed.

Only Lu Man held four school flags in her hands.

The NFA, DFA, and DAD were not nervous at all.

They just pretended to be.

Below the stage just then, the four principals had already discussed that the NFA would not really hang their schools flags on their honor wall.

Anyway, after the exchange team had left, they couldnt possibly come and check, right

When Principal Zhang and the others suggested discussing this with Principal Liu, Principal Liu agreed without thinking too much about it.

Although there was a competitive relationship between the four schools on the sidelines, on this matter, in order to prepare for this exchange competition, and to form a student exchange team which had already gone over to New York University earlier on in preparation for the friendly match there, the four schools had banded together and put in a lot of effort together.

Including leaving a spot for Lu Man but not forcing her to go there to learn, and allowing her to remain here.

This was also done with the consent of the other three principals.

They gave in to the National Film Academy in this respect, so Principal Liu seized the opportunity with the flag issue to return the favor.

As for giving them the school flags now, it was just for show.

Lu Man handed the school flags over to the other three schools first, saving the exchange team for last.

When she stood in front of Shana, Lu Man then handed the school flag over and said, “Im very happy to have competed against you guys this time.”

Shana felt that Lu Man was being sarcastic no matter how she interpreted it, like she was a villain who got her way.

She took the school flag with an icy expression.

The school principals and Edinburgh exchanged some small talk.

Finally, the closing credits came on, and this friendly exchange competition officially ended.

After the competition, Principal Liu invited Principal Zhang and the others, as well as the teachers from the exchange team for dinner.

Edinburgh and the others tried their hardest to contain their unhappiness about losing the competition because they did not want to lose their grace, so they agreed to it.

Lu Man packed her things and was about to go and meet Han Zhuoli but did not expect Howard to block her way.

Zheng Yuan stared at Howard cautiously from the side.

Could Howard be seeking revenge after losing the competition

Seeing how fierce Howard looked, it was obvious that he did not have good intentions.

But he was quite daring too, on top of being heartless and unrepentant.

The Han Family people were just here.

What could he still dare to do to Lu Man

Lu Man raised her eyebrow.


“What will make the Han Family retract their orders” Howard asked in a somber voice.

“This has nothing to do with me.

My elder brother decided on it, so I have no right to interfere,” Lu Man said.

“You found the wrong person.”

Han Zhuoling clearly did it to stand up for Shi Xiaoya.

How could she step in to intervene on this

As for Han Zhuoling, he expected that Howard would not have the guts to go and find him.

Or else, since the person who gave the order was clearly Han Zhuoling, why would Howard not go and look for him directly but come and plead with her instead

“Whats the matter” Han Zhuolis low and cold voice rang from behind Howard.

Howard got so scared that he shuddered.

He turned and saw that Han Zhuoli had come over unknowingly.

And not far behind him, the Han Family was there, and they all looked over in unison.

Lu Man did not explain for Howard and did not say what Howard came for.

She just silently stared at him, waiting for Howard to explain himself.

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