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Chapter 1692: Forgot About This Catch

They came all the way here.

If they gave them the last place despite that, that would really be too much.

If people who did not know anything saw it, they might think that they were bullying them.

So they gave a more central ranking.

Luzerns face did not look good either.

Giving them third place, who were they insulting

They might as well not give them anything.

He glanced at Robert and Hayer.

Those two people actually did not disagree

An ambassador group formed by students from the school came forward to present the trophy.

The team received the trophy in a haphazard manner and quickly got off the stage.

They felt that getting third place was a disgrace even if they were standing on the stage.

“Next, lets welcome Mr.

Hayer to announce the participating team in second place,” the emcee said.

Hayer came up on stage.

Basically, once the third placer was announced, there was no more suspense left.

Like what the audience had expected, second place went to the National Drama Academy.

Although they won second place and first place was obviously going to the NFA…

Principal Zhang was still quite happy.

No matter what, winning against the exchange team was a victory.

Next time, when they went out and announced the accolades the school had received, they could say that they had a hard-won victory over the exchange team from New York to finish in second place.

Saying this was quite an honor as well.

The students from the NDA were also feeling quite good this time.

When they were mocking the exchange team below just then, they were quite loud as well.

The person that said watching Lu Man fight with others felt good was also a student from the NDA.

Hence, they went up on stage all smiles.

The faces of the students in the exchange team became even darker.

They still remembered that the judges pointed out many flaws in the NDAs performance previously.

But even so, they were still better than them and got second place.

Instantly, a wave of disgust and humiliation swept over them.

When the NDA students came down, it was time for the team who came in first place to receive their award.

Everyone knew that the first place would go to the NFA.

There was no suspense at all!

The emcee invited Robert and Xu Jiashan up on stage together to present the award to the NFA.

When they announced the name of the NFA, the audience burst into thundering applause.

At this moment, they were not anyones fans and were not divided along fanbase lines.

They were united just to win against the exchange team.

No matter which school they were from, they were all from the same country!

Aside from fans, there were also many students from the NFA and NDA.

Regarding the friendly competition, they surely knew more than normal fans would.

They could not help but exclaim excitedly, “This is the first time we won against them! Its really the first time after so many years since both sides opened up for exchange! Oh heavens!”

“They have no right to be arrogant anymore.” A student from the NFA clapped so hard that his hands turned red and so did his face.

During this period, the NFA really felt on a deeply personal level the arrogance and snobbishness of the people from the exchange team and were really quite angered by them.

Lu Man and the others went up on stage to receive the trophy.

Xu Jiashan and Robert presented them with the trophy.

“You guys performed very well.

Keep up the good work,” Xu Jiashan encouraged them.

“I hope you guys can maintain this drive and not forget about the essence of performance,” Robert said.

After the awards presentation, Lu Man and the others were about to step off stage, but they were held back by the emcee.

“Hold on for a moment,” the emcee said.

“The competition this time has a special bet as well.

The winning school gets to hang their school flag on the honor wall of all the other schools.”

The faces of the students and school leaders who were still feeling joyful at the moment, as well as the students from the exchange team who were already in a bad mood, instantly darkened even more the moment they heard that.

They totally forgot about this catch.

They did bring their flags over.

As they felt that they would definitely use it, they even brought four flags over at once.

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