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Chapter 1689: Really Feel Like Beating Him Up

“I find it very strange.

Do you guys think this is a small competition, and your opponents are not worthy of your attention, so you decided to do some flippant acting Or is it because you feel too stressed that youre unable to handle it” Robert asked.

Over his dead body would Howard admit the second point.


Just Lu Man alone, what stress could she bring to him!

Right after that, Robert was heard saying, “When you guys were acting, I noticed that your gazes would shift towards the audience from time to time, and you totally could not focus your energies fully on the performance on stage.

You guys did not integrate yourselves into your characters and were unable to fuse your characters with yourselves.

Its like a shell of a body that is unable to completely fuse together with the soul.

It looked strange and unnatural.”

“You guys made me watch an utterly crappy and horrible performance.

Your performance brought your school and your teachers shame, enough to make the audience misunderstand and think that the acting majors in your school do not live up to their reputation.”

Roberts words were very harsh.

But a few school leaders turned to look at Principal Liu again.

Even Robert could tell that Howard and Shana were out of it.

They kept looking at the audience.

Who were they looking at

They were clearly looking at Lu Man!

What sin!

She drove two perfectly fine students to such a state, such that they performed so ridiculously.

Principal Liu smiled amiably and even felt a little delighted.

Everybody: “…”

Looking at him really made them feel like beating him up.

Robert shook his head in disappointment and did not wish to continue anymore.

This could be called a trashy performance.

Robert still saved some face for them.

Robert gestured for Hayer to speak.

Hayer said, “No matter what happened offstage, no matter how nasty youre feeling at the moment, or how much pressure youre under, even if the world collapsed on you, even if you got a terminal illness and did not have many days to live—if you cant handle it, dont come up on this stage.

Focus on handling your personal matters.

Make sure youve adjusted your mentality first.

If you need to treat your illness, go get it treated.

But if you still choose to stand on this stage ultimately, then the moment you come up on stage, you have to forget everything else.

The only thing that matters is the performance, the role, and the world on this stage.

After you come up on stage, you are the character on this stage, not yourself.”

“But clearly, you guys were not able to do that, so you let us watch an extremely disappointing, ridiculous, and buffoonery performance.”

“Im done.” Hayers expression was cold.

He had clearly been utterly disgusted by this performance.

When it was Xu Jiashans turn, he said, “Robert and Hayer basically said all that I wanted to say.

Both of them are very outstanding and professional actors.

Their comments hit right on the spot.

As actors, both of their comments are even more relatable.

I hope you can all remember the words that these two seniors have said to you.”

It would not be good for Xu Jiashan to say any more things.

Tan Xiaoyun said, “Today, you guys did not perform well, but dont feel despondent because of this.

You should seize this opportunity to improve yourselves.

This was an opportunity to expose your weaknesses, which you have neglected all along.

Its not just in acting, but also in your mentality.

I hope this incident doesnt serve as a blow to you all, but rather, serve as a motivation and drive for you all to improve.”

Everyone felt really uncomfortable deep down.

The results were not even announced yet, and she actually just deemed that they would lose.

The emcee came up on stage to ask the exchange team to step off stage first.

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