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Chapter 1681: Even Worse

Yet now that theyd heard Old Mrs.

Han and Shen Nuos conversation, these people finally realized that there was probably no such issue!

The elders of the Han Family were extremely pleased with Lu Man!

As Lu Mans biological Mom, Xia Qingwei was not even as confident as Old Mrs.

Han and Shen Nuo.

Based on how confident the mother- and daughter-in-law pair was about Lu Man, they were not just being confident, they were being overly protective of Lu Man.

Everything about Lu Man was good.

Everything about Lu Man was right.

If you did not engage Lu Man to act in a film, you were the one with bad taste.

Did this sound like unhappiness towards Lu Man

They were clearly pleased beyond words with her!

At this moment, Deng Xu, who was standing on the stage, laughed heartily and said to Tan Xiaoyun, “How could he not be anxious Quickly, set on it, lest someone else snatches her away.”

After that, Deng Xu turned to say to Xu Jiashan, “But its no use.

You asked too late.

After watching their last rehearsal today, I already told Lu Man that she has to be my next productions female lead.

No matter how busy she is, she has to leave some time out for me seeing how I came to help out this time around.”

After Deng Xu said that, the whole venue fell silent for a moment before a huge outburst of clamor and chatter erupted.

Deng Xus words carried even more weight than Xu Jiashans.

Xu Jiashan only said that there was a role suitable for Lu Man, but he did not say which role it was exactly.

It was not even confirmed if it was a lead role.

The role would definitely be a significant one; this was what Xu Jiashan said before.

And only for significant roles would two or more actors be assigned to take turns acting out that role.

But a significant role was still a far cry from a confirmed female lead role.

Even so, when Xu Jiashan mentioned it just now, it made people extremely shocked as well.

It was because everyone felt that even if it was not a lead role, a significant role alone would be good enough for a student.

Furthermore, Lu Man did not have enough representative works to show in her portfolio.

Yet she could still get such an opportunity.

She was already considered extremely lucky.

More importantly, it would be fine even if she was only given a minor role.

To be able to act in Xu Jiashans plays was a chance to expand ones networks and connections in itself.

It could also allow one to have more opportunities to act in many more productions.

Compared to this, acting in a minor role was nothing.

Who knew that before the shock that Xu Jiashan had brought about could abate, Deng Xu would prove to be even worse, directly securing a female lead role for Lu Man!

And he did not even think twice about trading this with the personal favor this time around.

From Deng Xus tone, it sounded as if he was still pleading with Lu Man to agree.

That was Deng Xus play!

It had always been actors pleading to act in it.

Acting in Deng Xus productions implied a 70-80% chance of winning an award.

Even if one acted in a supporting role, one might also have the chance of winning a Best Supporting Female Lead award.

At the very least, one would get a nomination, and that would also add a layer of prestige.

To be able to act in Deng Xus productions was a very rare opportunity in everyones eyes.

Even actresses considered to be in the “Best Actress” category like Gao Zishan, Dong Qinrong, and others would not give up such an opportunity.

If they had the chance, they would even now take the initiative to seize that chance.

Who knew, Deng Xu had actually invited Lu Man much earlier on.

He did it even much earlier than Xu Jiashan did.

If Xu Jiashan had not invited Lu Man on the spot, everyone would not have known that Deng Xu had invited Lu Man way before this.

Lu Man smiled and said, “It is my honor to receive recognition from both Director Xu and Director Deng.

I am very thankful and grateful to both directors for offering such good opportunities.

I will definitely participate in them.”

Xu Jiashan was at first still afraid that Lu Man would not have time to come over and act in his play since she had chosen Deng Xu.

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