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Chapter 1675: Above Standards

Tan Xiaoyun nodded.

“There are many factors that determine whether a show turns out good or bad, and not a single factor can be left out.

The actors need to portray the character in flesh and blood, stripping oneself of ones unique characteristics, and turning one completely into the character in the play.

It also requires the director to amplify your strengths based on his unique directing methods, to connect all these pieces together and draw the attention of the audience to this.”

Robert said emotionally, “This brings me back to the days of silent films, which is very refreshing.

Your performance might have certain parts that are a bit choppy, but in this show, the choppy performance actually turned into the highlight of the show.

The directors skill in this show cannot go unmentioned!”

Hayer agreed and said, “He could also downplay your flaws and turn the flaws that cannot be downplayed into your strengths.

The thought process of this show is also filled with novelty, and it shows good mastery of the pace and details of this show.

A stage play is different from a filmed drama.

Many details need a little more effort to be put in and shown so that the audience can see.

But if it is overdone, it would backfire.

On this aspect, you guys managed it very well.

I believe, this show contains your hard work and effort, as well as the efforts of the director.”

Hayer added passionately, “I really want to know, whos the director that directed this for you all Which teacher from your school is it”

Seeing the situation, the host directly gestured to Lu Man to speak on behalf of the students.

As their clothes all had mics attached, there was no need for another handheld mic.

Lu Man smiled and said, “Thank you, judges, for the praises.

Our performance was able to get everyones recognition certainly because of our hard work.

In this one week, the students in our team had all been making use of all the time available to practice, and we hated that we could not use our sleeping time to practice as well.

The teachers in charge of guiding our performance are Teacher Yao and Teacher Hong—”

Lu Man gestured with her hand towards the audience.

Teacher Yao and Teacher Hong did not expect that they would be introduced by Lu Man.

As teachers, they did not go up on stage.

They just quietly gave their efforts behind the scenes and had long been used to that.

No matter how famous their students became, no one knew who they were.

But now, Lu Man actually specifically introduced them.

Just like during the Chinese Arts Championships previously, Lu Man had even asked them to be guest performers.

Although they would go and perform in some plays when they had no lessons…

It was not an exaggeration to say that it was precisely because of Lu Man that more and more people got to know them.

Both of them quickly stood up and waved at the audience to make themselves known.

“Both teachers also sacrificed all their personal time to come and guide us.

Be it the teachers, or ourselves, we all hope that we can present a decent production to everyone,” Lu Man said.

“How is it just decent You are too humble.” Tan Xiaoyun smiled and said, “Although this show is short, it is definitely above standards.”

If more professional actors were to perform in this, the effect might be even better.

It was actually because Lu Mans classmates were still awkward and lacking in some aspects of acting.

But this was negligible.

They were only students, after all, so they would only get better and better later on.

“And the four judges mentioned just now as well that our performance could be so successful because of our play director,” Lu Man said slowly.

“Indeed, a big thank you must go to this director, for portraying our unique characteristics to the best possible extent.

If not for him, we would not be able to achieve such a good effect with our performance.

We are aware of our own flaws.

Normally, when Teacher Yao and Teacher Hong are teaching in class, they would always imperceptibly guide us towards recognizing our flaws, just that we still needed time to train and practice.”

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