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Chapter 1667: Agitating Single Dogs

She was about to take the toothpick from Han Zhuoli, but Han Zhuoli dodged and said, “Ill feed you.

Dont your hands have makeup on too”

Lu Man thought so too and let Han Zhuoli feed her instead.

However, in front of so many people, even if it was because her hands were not convenient to use, it was still quite embarrassing.

Who knew Han Zhuoli would come up with a new script to feed his inner imagination.

As he fed her, he suddenly opened his mouth and went, “Ah—”

Like he was feeding a child.

Lu Man: “…”

Lu Man was blushing profusely.

If it were only the two of them, Lu Man would really play along with him, since its quite fun.

But now, how could she do that

In Han Zhuolings eyes, Han Zhuoli was just agitating single dogs right now!

Han Zhuoling glanced at Shi Xiaoya.

She was still being held up by Old Mrs.

Han to chat.

Old Mrs.

Han was now asking about her family.

Wang Juhuai laughed and glanced at Han Zhuoli, as if he did not have a wife of his own.

Wang Juhuai took the thermos bottle in front of him from the coffee table.

Hed brought this here.

He poured out a bowl of birds nest for Xia Qingwei.

“Qingwei, have this first.

Its just perfect to have on an empty stomach, and it makes you feel well.

Its nutritious and just right.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

This father- and son-in-law pair.

Who were they doing it for!

Wang Juhuai even smiled as he explained, “Previously, we went to the hospital for a checkup.

The doctor said that the babys weight is very well managed.

At this point in time, its all the more important to control the babys weight so that it would not be too big, and its important to control the blood sugar level of the mother as well.

To control the weight of the baby and ensure enough nutrition, I replaced dinner with birds nest soup.

Its filling, yet one wont put on weight from it.”

“Whenever we leave the house, Ive been bringing it everywhere we go, for her,” Wang Juhuai said happily.

He then placed the spoon to Xia Qingweis mouth and said, “Here.”

He was also about to feed Xia Qingwei.

Everybody: “…”

Xia Qingwei really felt embarrassed.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were young at least.

Even if they were feeding each other and it looked a little sappy, at least the scene looked nice.

A handsome man and a beautiful lady couple—how attractive they looked.

However, the two of them were a middle-aged old couple.

Their image was not attractive but probably an eyesore.

“Ill eat it myself.” Xia Qingwei moved to take the bowl.

As the weather was cold, the birds nest soup was deliberately heated up to be hot before being placed in a thermos bottle.

Luckily, the cover that was used as a bowl was heat-insulating as well, so it would not be too hot to hold.

Wang Juhuai also reacted like Han Zhuoli, dodging to not let Xia Qingwei take it.

“Sitting down requires a lot of effort even for you.

Dont take the bowl.”

“Its fine, it doesnt matter.” Xia Qingwei insisted not to let Wang Juhuai feed her.

They were so old already.

How ridiculous would they look

Seeing her insistence, Wang Juhuai did not dare to continue pushing and pulling with Xia Qingwei, so he obediently passed the bowl to her.

However, he still held the bowl from underneath, afraid that Xia Qingwei would not be able to hold it properly.

“If you find it heavy, just pass it to me.

Ill help you hold it, and you can take the spoon and drink it by yourself,” Wang Juhuai said further.

Xia Qingwei threw an amused glance at him.

It was just a bowl.

Why would it be heavy

“Got it.” Xia Qingwei smiled and said in a small voice to him, “Were outside now.

There are so many people, how embarrassing.

Wait until we get home.”

Wang Juhuai still felt a little disappointed at first.

Xia Qingwei did not want him to help, so his passion had no avenue for release.

Yet now that he heard Xia Qingweis low voice, he instantly brightened up and immediately nodded.

He looked so silly.

He no longer had that public image of the graceful Master Wang.

Within such a short time, the snacks that Han Zhuoli had ordered also arrived.

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