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Chapter 1649: Mock

Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling were swift and decisive in deciding on using this fantasy film as their first film release, creating a fantasy film universe that belonged exclusively to Cyre Pictures.

They were very ambitious.

They first created the film universe according to Western tastes, before slowly incorporating oriental elements, and finally adding purely Eastern films.

In the end, by bridging the Western and Eastern elements, they would be able to create a globalized film universe.

The films of the future would no longer have African-Americans or whites as the main characters, but would add in Asian characters to be the main characters.

Asian faces in films would no longer be just side characters, or just portrayed in some casual scenes to cater to the film industry here and achieve high box office sales.

The films in the film universe were all connected to each other.

It would not do if you missed out on one film.

Want to understand the next film

Sure, then you must first watch the Eastern film that came before it.

In this way, the films in the country, and the people in the films, would naturally be assimilated into global films in a very good position and in a very natural way.

This was Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuolings ambition.

The film that had achieved huge success before was already in talks of filming a second movie to it and to try to incorporate domestic actors into it.

“Yeah.” Han Zhuoli nodded.

“Didnt you finalize this with me”

Han Zhuoli hadalso replied to him in English very tacitly.

Hearing how Han Zhuoling suddenly spoke in English to him, he understood Han Zhuolings intentions immediately.

Hence, Han Zhuoli was very cooperative.

The moment he said that, Han Zhuoling scoffed and said, “I even thought our acquisition failed.

The Han Corporations presence in Hollywood is so low, to the point that others would look down on us.”

Both of them did not lower their volumes, and they were just standing at the doorway of the dressing room.

There were other people chatting among themselves in small voices, but Lu Man and the rest were nearer to the door.

Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuolings normal talking volume was just loud enough to be heard by them all.

Furthermore, both of them spoke in English, so it was clear that he was saying that for Howard to hear.

Howard also heard them and understood what they meant.

He turned to look at the doorway and saw Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling.

Howard stiffened up completely, trying to look fierce but was utterly scared out of his wits deep down.

In contrast to how arrogant he was just now, upon seeing that Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling had come, he was no longer so capable.

What Han Zhuoling said just now was true.

The first film released through Cyre Pictures after the Han Corporation acquired it saved Cyre Pictures from its awkward position in the past, achieving huge success.

It was such a big issue, so how would the people in Hollywood not know about it

It was precisely because he knew that Howard had only dared to direct his attacks towards Shi Xiaoya earlier on.

No matter how much he disliked Lu Man, he would not dare to show it openly.

Right from the start, he just wanted to create some trouble and make Lu Man look bad.

For example, the first day when he came to the National Film Academy and observed Lu Mans class from the sidelines, he already asked for Lu Man to come up to perform.

Also when he volunteered to be part of the exchange team, it was also because he wanted to thrash Lu Man with a harsh defeat.

In this way, Lu Man would become someone whod lost to him, and she would have lost to him through fair competition.

Even if Han Zhuoli was unhappy, there was nothing he would be able to do about it.

However, in other times, Howard would not dare to make trouble for Lu Man directly, and he would certainly not be able to put her in a spot.

He then directed his attacks on Shi Xiaoya, intending to make Shi Xiaoya abandon Lu Man at the last moment to come and do his makeup for him, thus embarrassing Lu Man.

After getting rejected by Shi Xiaoya, his anger got to his head, but his words were only directed at Shi Xiaoya all along.

He still really did not say a single bad word about Lu Man.

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