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Chapter 1648: Support

Although Lu Man had a career in the entertainment industry, in such big families, they surely care a great deal about having offspring and would not let Lu Man delay childbirth just for her career.

However, Wang Juhuai did not answer this for Lu Man and Han Zhuoli.

He remained all smiles and looked like he had a good temper as he said, “This is the affair of them young people, so let them both decide.

Anyway, on this matter, both of our families have a mutual understanding to let the younger people take things at their own pace and not pressure them.

What era are we living in now We are not as traditional or conservative as you people think.”

The reporters could only laugh along with him.

How would they know how the people in the big families thought

Anyway, whatever Wang Juhuai said, they would just listen.

Principal Liu personally came over to welcome Wang Juhuai.

There were many people today, so he was deeply afraid that something might happen to Xia Qingwei here.

“We prepared a resting room for Mrs.



Wang, why dont you head over to take a rest first There are many people here, and huge groups of people will come in as audience in a moment, so there will inevitably be some jostling.

Why dont we wait for the audience to be seated And when the competition is about to start, both of you can then proceed to the VIP area to take your seats,” Principal Liu explained.

Because of Wang Juhuai, the school especially arranged for them to be in the VIP seating area.

“Alright.” Wang Juhuai was worried at first as well, but hearing that Principal Liu had made such arrangements, he found it was quite suitable.

“I wonder if its okay for me to go backstage now I would like to go and see Man Man,” Xia Qingwei asked as she smiled.

“Of course, thats no problem.” Principal Liu smiled and said, “There arent many people backstage now.

The students are still preparing in the dressing room.

Both of you give me a moment, I will ask someone to bring you both over.”


Meanwhile in the dressing room, Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling came straight the moment they arrived.

One was looking for Lu Man, the other was looking for Shi Xiaoya.

Earlier on, when both of them came out of the company together, they drove over together and parked their cars together at the parking lot.

Even their cars were parked side by side.

It was rare that Han Zhuoli did not tease Han Zhuoling.

After getting out of the car, Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli walked to the backstage area together.

They were so in sync, yet Han Zhuoli still did not seize the chance to tease him.

When both of them reached the door of the dressing room, they arrived just in time to hear Howard shamelessly making big threats against Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuolings face fell.

He suddenly asked Han Zhuoli in English, “Didnt the Han Corporation acquire Cyre Pictures”

Cyre Pictures was also one of Hollywoods veteran film production companies.

It used to dominate the industry for a period of time and had produced many classic films.

Of the global top 100 films made in the film industrys history, there were also films produced by Cyre Pictures.

It was just that when the Hollywood trends changed in recent years, Cyre Pictures did not seize the best opportunities in time and made strategic mistakes.

Adding to that, their previous two films also made huge losses, reducing the competitiveness of Cyre Pictures in the market.

Many of the major film production companies in Hollywood were starting to attract foreign investors, and although the quality of domestic films still had quite a big gap to close with that of Hollywood, it did not stop the rich bosses in the country from investing in these Hollywood film companies.

A few of the major film companies in the country had more or less invested in shares in some of the film production companies in Hollywood, just that they had fewer shares and did not have much of a say as a shareholder.

Now, there was only the Han Corporation that seized the chance to take over Cyre Pictures and become its largest shareholder.

Afterward, in all the movies and films produced by Cyre Pictures, when the introduction broadcasted the logo of the production sponsors, the Han Corporation could forever be placed first, and it would also be the biggest sponsor.

Due to the Han Corporations investment, Cyre Pictures could regain their strengths and finish producing a fantasy film within two years time, which achieved critical success in global box office sales, securing the foundation of the Han Corporations development in Hollywood.

It also restored Cyre Pictures back to its former glory as one of the big film companies.

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