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Chapter 1640: Making Fun of

Guo Yujie also reacted quickly now.

If she said that Lu Man was commonly seen, it would mean that she did not care about seeing her after seeing her so many times.

How offending would this be

Guo Yujie hated that she could not just slap herself.

If she asked if she wanted to go and watch, she could have just said yes, why would she need to say so much

Although Shi Xiaoya was covering the phone, Lu Man still heard it.

However, she did not mind it at all.

The other party did not mean it that way.

If she were to mind such words as well, she would really be too petty.

It was just like an ordinary joke, said in jest.

Why would she get angry so easily

Shi Xiaoya knew that Lu Man was not such a petty person, so she brushed it aside and said to Lu Man, “My assistant also wants to come and watch.

Please leave two tickets for us, thank you.”

“Why are you being so polite with me” Lu Man secretly added on in her heart: future elder sister-in-law.

Both of them agreed on it and ended the call.

Shi Xiaoya then said to Guo Yujie, “You girl.

Youre usually very alert and sharp-witted, how come your brain turned so slow today Luckily, Lu Man is not a petty person.

Even if she heard you over the phone, she wont take it to heart and know that you are just saying it for fun.

But if it was someone else who was slightly more petty, that person will bear a grudge with you.

“Although Lu Man would not mind, you have to bear this in mind when youre around other people,” Shi Xiaoya reminded her.

Guo Yujie put her palms together and said, “I dont know whats with me either, my words dont cross my mind before saying them.

I definitely wont do this again.”

Shi Xiaoya did not say anything more after that.


Lu Man was in Han Zhuolis office at this moment.

She had just finished rehearsals and came to find Han Zhuoli.

These last few days, it had been the school teachers who had been guiding them in their rehearsals.

Come Saturday, Deng Xu would go to the school again to give them one final rehearsal and give more pointers to the shortcomings of each person.

Lu Man did not have much problems when it came to acting.

Teacher Yao, Teacher Hong, and Teacher Wan did not feel good asking her to stay behind to continue rehearsing with others.

Lu Man acted out her own role very well and had a deep understanding of her role.

Only a few other students were still lacking a bit in their acting, holding the rest back.

Hence, the three teachers made these few students who were still lacking in their acting stay behind individually.

Lu Man was then released.

After ending her call with Shi Xiaoya, Lu Man cupped her chin and asked Han Zhuoli, “Will Big Brother come up today”

Han Zhuoli looked up from his pile of documents.

Lu Man did not want to disturb him from work at first.

However, Han Zhuoli insisted that Lu Man stay here to accompany him, and he did not think she was bothering him at all.

Han Zhuoli said that whenever he was tired from work, he would be able to see her the moment he lifted his head, which made all his tiredness disappear.

Simply looking at her made him feel much less tired and feel relaxed.

Hearing Lu Mans words, Han Zhuoli looked up and saw the pretty view of Lu Man cupping her cheeks.

She probably had no other things to do by keeping him company there, so she was radiating a sense of laziness all over.

The sunlight happened to fall on her, enhancing her charm with her eyes that curved into crescents when she smiled.

Indeed, letting Lu Man stay was a good idea.

Looking through documents made his head spin and his eyes water, yet when he looked up and glanced at Lu Man, he immediately regained his spirits.

When Han Zhuoli heard Lu Man ask this, he immediately knew what she was thinking of.


You want to make fun of Big Brother” Han Zhuoli said with a laugh.

Lu Man puffed her cheeks and held her laughter in as she said, “Why would I make fun of him I just want to ask Big Brother if he wanted to come and watch my competition.

And also…”

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