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Chapter 1638: Getting Ahead of Herself

It was precisely her reliance on these that gave her better work opportunities in return time and again.

Wei Zilin did not give explicit evidence but just let out the rumors first to make people guess.

For the next few days, he let people leak such rumors online first.

Wuth rumors such as this, evidence was not needed.

As long as someone said it, netizens who loved the drama would just join in and treat it as if it was real.

Yuan Yina had way fewer fans than Shi Xiaoya.

Even if they wanted to protect her, they were unable to do it.

Even without releasing the evidence, it had succeeded in planting such a negative image of Yuan Yina in the minds of most netizens.

Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie came back from Man City.

After alighting, both of them sat in the car sent by their work studio, extremely tired out.

Man City was really too cold.

Even if they were both in the Northern regions, they still could not take the coldness of Man City.

Returning back to B City instantly made them feel like B City was as warm as springtime.

Within a short span of four days, Shi Xiaoyas skin had become rough from the harsh, cold wins of Man City.

Her cheeks still had a hint of redness that had not gone away completely.

Guo Yujie was also extremely tired out.

The show, Survivor, could really test peoples limits.

They went to such a cold place, because they said they wanted to let the audience experience the weather there vicariously as well.

They did not want to let that thick snow scenery go to waste and wanted to highlight the difficulty of the games.

Hence, they set the program of the second episode outdoors once again.

Guo Yujie was better off.

She did not need to follow the artistes, but Shi Xiaoya had had to wear snow boots and try her best to walk through the thick snow.

Even with snow boots, her feet still felt chilly cold.

Even though Guo Yujie was tired now, she did not feel like sleeping.

So she decided to take out her phone and scroll through it.

She lowered the back of her chair and lay back.

Once shed refreshed her feed, she got so shocked that her phone almost slipped and dropped on her face.

“Hahahahahahaha!” Guo Yujie laughed exuberantly in joy.

Shi Xiaoya was still in a blur.

She did not fall asleep, but just felt tired.

Previously when they were on the plane, shed slept for a long time as well.

“What is it” Shi Xiaoya turned and saw Guo Yujie smiling like a lunatic.

“I never expected that Yuan Yina would have this day.” Guo Yujie laughed and said to Shi Xiaoya, “Everywhere online is rampant with rumors that her makeup skills are ordinary and that she just relied on sleeping with other people to get resources.”

Shi Xiaoyas mouth fell wide open in shock.

“However, there is no evidence online.

Those are just rumors spreading.

Its all like some insider exposed this, or some insider relative said this—friends or people who had knowledge of it revealed all these things under various circumstances,” Guo Yujie said.

“Anyway, its just the common ways of spreading rumors.

Even if theres no evidence to back it up, netizens would believe it to be true as well.”

“How did it suddenly—” How did Yuan Yinas scandals suddenly break out

Shi Xiaoya stopped in the middle of her sentence.

It was because she remembered that that morning when she was going to Man City, Han Zhuoling had come to send her and even especially mentioned Yuan Yina.

Hed said that the paid commenters that were swaying the discussion were hired by Yuan Yina.

Yet a few days after he mentioned it, something similar happened to Yuan Yina.

This made Shi Xiaoya uncontrollably think of Han Zhuoling, and she wondered if this was done by him.

But she felt that she was probably getting ahead of herself to even think in that way.

Who was she

Was she worth Han Zhuoling wasting so much effort to stand up for her

It was impossible.

She must stop thinking so highly of herself.

She initially felt like asking Han Zhuoling, but she now suppressed those thoughts.

“Yeah, why was it so sudden” Guo Yujie was curious as well.

“I wonder who Yuan Yina offended”

Shi Xiaoya did not tell Guo Yujie about Yuan Yina hiring paid posters to sway the discussion about her.

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