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Chapter 1634: Dont Know Which One of Them He Is in Love with

If he wanted to work, she would just let him be.

She would not ask for real love from him, she just needed assurance that she would be able to lead a life of luxury.

Besides, when she thought about it, Han Zhuoling was really good-looking.

Even if she found someone else next time, she probably would not be able to find someone as handsome as him.

When both their families arranged the marriage back then, when she found out that she was going to marry Han Zhuoling, she was actually really happy.

Simply because of Han Zhuolings looks.

He was good-looking, handsome, and successful.

Xia Yixin really held thoughts of a positive future in getting married.

But reality gave her a slap in the face.

Han Zhuoling did not love her.

However, Xia Yixin suddenly thought things through again now.

Even if she found someone who loved her, one, he would not be as handsome as Han Zhuoling, and two, he would not be as rich as Han Zhuoling.

It was fine if Han Zhuoling did not love her.

It would be good enough to look at Han Zhuolings face every day.

Han Zhuoling was like a work robot, and a wife to him was just an ornament for show.

Didnt he just want an obedient wife there for show who would not disturb him

All these, she could already do.

Rather than going to find someone else again and request other people to do the same things hed done, needing to adapt all over again, she might as well get back together with Han Zhuoling and revive their marriage.

Both of them needed not to adapt to each other yet would still probably have quite a lot of chemistry together.

Xia Yixin thought that her idea was pretty good.

Given her “understanding” of Han Zhuoling, that robot-like man would not love somebody else for the rest of his life, she knew he would not know what love is and would not know how loving someone felt like.

Only she would be able to stand it.

Just as Xia Yixin was thinking of that, she received a WeChat message from her best friend, Guan Qiaoxin.

She was the lady who took the photos at the airport earlier on.

Guan Qiaoxin was one of the few people whom Xia Yixin still kept in contact with after her divorce.

Both of them were on pretty good terms as well.

After she got into trouble, Guan Qiaoxin did not hit her when she was down.

Compared to Dai Yiran, she was really much better.

Xia Yixin opened her chat with Guan Qiaoxin and saw the photos that Guan Qiaoxin had sent over.

“Yixin, I saw your ex-husband at the airport.”

Xia Yixin opened up the photos to take a look.

She could not believe the man in the photos was actually Han Zhuoling!

Han Zhuoling could actually smile!

Although his smile was very faint, his expression was unprecedentedly gentle.

This was something Xia Yixin had never seen before.

What a joke that she was once Han Zhuolings wife yet had never seen such a gentle side to her husband!

Seeing how Han Zhuoling actually personally helped the two women in the photos carry their luggage, and seemed like a completely different person from who he was before, she found him to be almost unrecognizable.

That workaholic actually allowed his time to be wasted on this!

Afterward, she saw another photo.

It was in the security clearance queue.

Han Zhuoling was talking to the two women in the photo.

From the photos alone, she really could not tell to whom Han Zhuolings gentleness was directed.

Xia Yixin got so angry that she immediately called Guan Qiaoxin.

“Whats going on Of the two women, which one is the vixen”

“I dont know either,” Guan Qiaoxin said.

“I dont even know who they are.

I was scared that I would be found out, so I purposely stayed quite far away.

I cant hear what they were saying either.

“Its just that I often hear you saying that Han Zhuoling seems very cold and aloof, as if he had no feelings.

Yet now I just saw that it doesnt seem to be the case.

He seems like he has a good temper and even busied himself for both of those women.

From the looks of it, hes probably in love with one of them.”

“Thats impossible!” Xia Yixin screeched in denial.

“He just had a divorcee not too long ago, how can he possibly get together with someone else so quickly”

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