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Chapter 1626: Im Downstairs

Shi Xiaoya hurriedly shook her head.

How could that be

“Whats the matter, Young Master Ling” Shi Xiaoya asked.

She held her phone in one hand and so couldnt carry the two suitcases at the door at the same time, so she could only finish the conversation first.

“Are you ready Are you out of your house yet” Han Zhuoling asked knowingly.

He was downstairs currently, arriving half an hour earlier specifically to wait for her.

He remembered her saying she was departing at 6:30, and seeing that she hadnt appeared within the 30 minutes hed waited, he knew that she hadnt left yet and called.

“Im about to leave,” Shi Xiaoya said, “and was booking a cab when you called.”

Han Zhuoling chuckled.

“No need to book a taxi anymore.

Come on down, Im downstairs.”

Shi Xiaoya nearly dropped her phone in surprise, scrambling to hold it once more.


“I said, Im waiting for you downstairs,” Han Zhuoling patiently repeated.

If others behaved in a dazed and foolish manner like she did, Han Zhuoling would think that theres something wrong with their IQ for failing to comprehend a simple sentence.

But because the other party was Shi Xiaoya, Han Zhuoling actually felt that she was cute.

Her slow and dazed reaction became adorable.

He knew from her reaction that his arrival was completely unexpected.

Han Zhuoling said with warmth, “Im here now, you can come down anytime.

No hurry if youre not ready yet.

Think on whether youve missed anything before you go.”

“Im going down now,” Shi Xiaoya replied immediately, “Ive brought everything, shouldnt have left out anything else.”

“Phone, wallet, ID.

The most important things of all,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya quickly searched her bag and confirmed, “Yep.”

“Umbrella and raincoat” Han Zhuoling reminded her further.

“Youre following them around, and if it rains or snows, itd be inconvenient holding an umbrella.

A raincoat is better.”

“Brought those too.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“Alright, then, come on down.” Han Zhuoling gave a soft laugh, and it was so quick Shi Xiaoya almost suspected she had imagined it.

She then heard Han Zhuoling continue, “Its fine even if you really forgot anything.

Just get someone to send it to you.”

Hanging up, Shi Xiaoya put her phone away and dragged her suitcases out.

She exited the lift and spotted Han Zhuolings Phantom parked outside the door through the glass.

Nearing the door, she saw Han Zhuoling getting out of the car.

Because she was always nervous facing Han Zhuoling, shed never observed him carefully before.

Now looking at him through the glass door, Shi Xiaoya noted how his tall and lean body was attractive no matter how she looked at it.

When they were filming at the island next to Nanhai City, hed worn a simple short-sleeved T-shirt.

She couldnt see what the shirt covered, but his exposed arms were firm with muscles, which were aesthetically pleasing and not scary and intimidating.

The lines on his arms were well-defined, like those on actors who especially worked out to look good on camera.

Shi Xiaoya even wondered then if the abs under the shirt were also that well sculpted.

If it was, what did they look like

But he was donning a suit now, and he looked lean—broad-shouldered, slim-waisted, and long-legged, he looked as if hed walked out of a picture, attracting all eyes to his perfect form.

Shi Xiaoya had seen her fair share of models, but none of them compared to Han Zhuoling.

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