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Chapter 1623: Sweet Secret Joy

When he saw that the discussion in the comments finally took a turn in another direction, Han Zhuoling finally became a little more pleased.

Han Zhuoling had made such a post, and seeing that everyone was already guessing that they were a couple, Han Zhuoling still refused to come out and clarify things.

The netizens would not believe that he did not see these comments.

He had clearly deleted the previous post because he saw the netizens comments.

He must be quietly staring at his phone screen now.

When they saw that he still did not express anything, they wondered, what exactly was his relationship to Shi Xiaoya, then

And all these, Shi Xiaoya did not know about.

She had long fallen asleep.

On the other hand, Shi Nancang saw it.

He thought to himself, “What is going on with Han Zhuoling”

He had no way of asking Han Zhuoling.

One reason was that he did not have Han Zhuolings contact, and another reason was that he was really not well-acquainted with Han Zhuoling.

They just exchanged small talk outside the lift today—aside from that, they had no other connections with each other.

Shi Nancang was panicking right now.

He wanted to give Shi Xiaoya a call, but it was so late now, he was afraid that she would be asleep.

But without an answer, Shi Nancang kept tossing and turning and could not sleep.

In the end, he still decided to give Shi Xiaoya a call.

The phone rang for a long time before Shi Xiaoya drowsily woke up.

In the darkness, the light from her phone screen was extra bright and piercing.

Shi Xiaoya squinted and took a while before she adjusted her eyes to see that the call was from Shi Nancang.

She answered it.

“Big Brother, whats the matter”

Hearing her voice, Shi Nancang asked, “You were sleeping already”

“Yeah, I fell asleep not too long ago.” Shi Xiaoya turned on the table lamp by the bedside and sat up.

“What is it”

Shi Nancang thought to himself that since he had already woken Shi Xiaoya up, he would just cut straight to the point, so he directly asked her, “Are you very close to Han Zhuoling”

Shi Xiaoya instantly became wide awake.

“Why do you suddenly ask about this Thats so weird.”

Shi Nancang said, “Arent there a lot of netizens that are shipping you and Han Zhuoling together on your latest Weibo post There are even people who said you did it on purpose.

I couldnt stand it, so I asked a few friends to post along with you.”

Shi Xiaoya did not expect there to be such a thing.

Shi Nancang continued, “I didnt expect that not long after, Han Zhuoling would also make a similar Weibo post.

On the first post he uploaded, his fans and yours got into an argument.

One camp supports you and Han Zhuoling as a couple.”

Shi Nancang paused for a moment.

Why did it feel awkward to say that his own younger sister and another man were being shipped as a couple

“Another bunch of people are saying you deliberately did it to make things up.

Yet not long after, Han Zhuoling deleted that Weibo post.

The people who said you were making things up became even more aggressive about it and even went over to your post to comment nasty things.” Shi Nancang frowned.

“Even I thought that Han Zhuoling deleted the Weibo post to avoid controversy.”

When Shi Xiaoya heard that, she had a strange intuition that Han Zhuoling probably had not done it because of that.

Indeed, she heard Shi Nancang say, “Yet not long after those people jeered under your post, Han Zhuoling reposted the post hed deleted, but he especially tagged you that time around.

Its evident that he saw that you got misunderstood earlier on so he decided to just delete and repost so that he could shut those people up.”

Shi Xiaoya did not expect that there would be so many developments after she went to sleep.

She as the person directly involved had already fallen asleep, yet those people could still make such a big fuss.

However, even though she did not see it with her own eyes, just from hearing Shi Nancang say it, Shi Xiaoyas heart still could not help but feel a sweet secret joy deep down.

She did not know what Han Zhuoling was really thinking, but he probably did this to protect her, right

Shi Xiaoya could not help but picture Han Zhuolings face in her mind, and in it, he was smiling.

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