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Chapter 1622: Slap in the Face

Han Zhuoling frowned as he browsed through the comments and even scrolled up to see earlier comments.

Paid posters might indeed be a possibility.

Especially Shi Xiaoyas corporate rivals.

In every industry and line of work nowadays, there would always be people who could not sit quietly.

Han Zhuoling thought even further than these netizens.

If there were really paid posters among these people, they would not just be among Shi Xiaoyas fans.

There would surely be some of them among his own fans.

They pretended to be his fans and vilified Shi Xiaoya thereafter.

But it would really not be easy to find them if he wanted to.

Once they had set off a trend, even real fans would go along with them.

Han Zhuoling stood up and went to the balcony.

He called Tong Chunian and said, “Go and check who among Shi Xiaoyas rivals have the strongest competition with her.

Find out who hired paid posters to deal with her before and if that person had contacted paid posters recently.”

“Understood.” Tong Chunian immediately went to check.

Han Zhuoling stared at Weibo moodily.

He originally could not stand that other people were supporting Shi Xiaoya so fervently, so he also posted a similar post.

Yet he did not expect that it would bring Shi Xiaoya trouble instead, bringing on a more negative impact on her.

Han Zhuoling minced his lips tightly.

He picked out a few netizens from the comments section who were the most active and who scolded her most ardently.

He noted them down.

These people might not definitely be paid posters, but there was a very high possibility that they were.

Especially the one that had the strongest influence in swaying the overall sentiment.

Afterward, Han Zhuoling deleted that Weibo post.

Instantly, many fans went over to Shi Xiaoyas comments to mock her.

“Hahaha, how is it You got slapped in the face, right Seeing that youre trying to make things up, Han Zhuoling just deleted his Weibo post as he simply does not want to be an OTP with you.”

“How embarrassing.

Quickly manage your fans, stop letting them embarrass themselves.”

“The faces of those who cling on to others are really so ugly.”

“Are you guys done We were just kidding and making a joke out of it.

You guys even came over to scold people here.

What kind of manners is that!”

“Haha, those who came to mock Xiaoya, quick, go back to your hubbys Weibo and take a good look.

Come back and continue mocking after youre done looking.”

Han Zhuolings fans went back to take a look in confusion.

Once they saw it, great.

Han Zhuoling had indeed deleted the previous post.

But he reposted the same post once again.

No, its not exactly the same post.

This time, Han Zhuoling had changed the caption.

“Thanks, @Shi Xiaoya, for teaching me the new eating trend online.”

Below it was still the same photo he had posted earlier on.

Han Zhuolings intentions were as clear as day now.

Previously, hed only posted this photo, so a huge bunch of people said that it was Shi Xiaoyas fans who were thinking too much and even said that Shi Xiaoya was shamelessly trying to make things up.

He then deleted the photo, and those people became even more arrogant and said that Shi Xiaoya got a slap in the face.

Looking at it now, who exactly was the one being slapped

The first time he posted the photo, it was arguably because of Shi Xiaoya.

Afterward, when he saw that Shi Xiaoya had been misunderstood and vilified, he then deleted the photo, but not because he wanted to draw a clear line between him and Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling reposted the post immediately when those people went over to Shi Xiaoyas account to mock Shi Xiaoya again.

To avoid any misunderstanding this time, he even directly tagged Shi Xiaoya to shut those naysayers who were scolding Shi Xiaoya up.

“Oh my goodness.

Whats going on”

“Han Zhuoling is obviously helping Shi Xiaoya here.”

“Shi Xiaoya is the only female he follows, and now he even especially uploaded a post that he had never posted before on Weibo because Shi Xiaoya had been misunderstood.

Could it be that Han Zhuoling really likes Shi Xiaoya”

“I dont care about those haters.

Anyway, I am shipping this couple.”

“I dont understand how some people think.

Even if Han Zhuoling doesnt like Shi Xiaoya and doesnt want to get together with her, its none of your business.

Look how anxious those people are and how they keep on bashing her like theres no tomorrow.

Theyre such a joke.”

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