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Chapter 1621: Support

When Han Zhuofeng read this part, he became really curious.

Everyones posting it tonight

Right after that, one of the comments caught his eye.

“Hahaha, to those who said that Shi Xiaoya was making things up, I feel like First Young Master Han seems more like the one making things up now”

So, it was because Han Zhuoling had previously followed Shi Xiaoya.

Hence, quite a lot of Shi Xiaoyas fans also went to follow Han Zhuoling.

They secretly ate this couple candy[1].

Hence, when they saw that Han Zhuoling also posted such a Weibo post, Shi Xiaoyas fans gave a rallying call under the comments section of her post, so the rest of her fans who had never followed him before swarmed over as well.

“What the f*ck, its too sweet.”

“The person above, be careful.

Dont let Han Zhuolings solo stans see that and come over to bash Xiaoya and say shes making things up.”

“Its still unclear whos the one making things up now.

Xiaoya first posted this, then Han Zhuoling followed suit.

Im gonna eat this couple candy.”

Indeed, there were some fans of Han Zhuoling who were unhappy.

“Shi Xiaoyas fans, can you guys hold up for a bit.

Dont grab at every chance to cling on, please”


Shes the one who posted it first, alright, but so many other people posted before Young Master Ling did.

Why do you guys have to cling on to Young Master Ling Cant you invest your affections on someone else”

“Haha, didnt Young Master Ling simply follow her You all started dreaming already and kept shipping Young Master Ling as your OTP.

We are not shipping them, no thanks bye.”

“Shi Xiaoya and those fans, stop thinking too much.

If you really want to think too much, do it in your own territories, thanks.

At least what we dont see cant hurt us.”

He finally found the origin at last.

Han Zhuofeng went to Shi Xiaoyas Weibo homepage straight away.

After he saw it, he understood.

No wonder Han Zhuoling would suddenly upload such a Weibo post.

He probably wanted to support Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling had just finished eating and had not had time to see these comments.

Han Zhuofeng could not stand it any longer and asked him, “Big Brother, you uploaded this Weibo post to support Shi Xiaoya, right”

Han Zhuoling threw a glance at him but did not reply.

What was there to not understand for Han Zhuofeng

If it was not true, Han Zhuoling would have denied it upfront.

But since he was not saying anything now, it meant he was admitting it.

Lin Liyes pitch went up as she went “ehhh.” She immediately turned to look at Han Zhuoling and said, “You even feel bad for her now”

Lin Liye wiggled her fingers, wanting to send the latest news to Old Mrs.


“Big Brother, not only did you not manage to help Shi Xiaoya, you actually got her into trouble.

She got scolded a great deal by your fans,” Han Zhuofeng said.

Han Zhuoling frowned.

He quickly picked up his phone to look.

Han Zhuofeng laughed.

He was still pretending to be cool about it before.

If youre that capable, continue pretending!

Han Zhuoling understood with one glance.

He happened to see one of Shi Xiaoyas fans say, “Everyone, go home.

Some people just cant take a joke.

You really know how to stir controversy for your idol.

Lets go back and play among ourselves, lest we attract more controversy for Xiaoya.”

“Lets go.

If youre Xiaoyas true fan, you should all go back.

Dont let those people with untoward intentions disguise themselves among us.”


Xiaoya has quite a few competitors, and some of them are quite despicable.

I wont name who, lest it stirs controversy for Xiaoya again.

But it wont be the first time the other party has hired paid posters to disguise as fans to stir controversy for Xiaoya.

I dont believe true fans would be so enthusiastic to go to other peoples comments to start shipping OTP.

Most of us just close our doors and play among ourselves.”

“I agree with the person above.

Weve already said this much.

If there are still people who continue dragging Xiaoya into this, we have to think carefully about who hired these paid posters to come and be fake fans.”

[1] Chinese Internet slang for couples that display affection publicly.

The Chinese custom of giving out wedding candies is used as a metaphor for this

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