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Chapter 1620: Didnt It Hurt His Conscience Saying This

No matter what, he felt that takeout wasnt as good as the ones Shi Xiaoya made.

Han Zhuofeng realized after eating two: “Brother, you seem practiced at this!”

Han Zhuofeng knew how to shell the prawns as he had experienced it back when he frequented the crayfish store near his school with his friends.

But Han Zhuoling wasnt someone who knew how to eat crayfish.

It wasnt that he scorned them, it was just that eating crayfish was too time-consuming.

Han Zhuoling wouldnt waste time on this.

Who knew that Han Zhuolings actions would be so efficient, not a bit slower than his.

Han Zhuofeng forgot to eat and watched in amazement.

“Much ado about nothing.” Han Zhuoling chided him softly and continued shelling the lobsters.

The meat piled up on the plate one by one.

Han Zhuofeng blinked and asked dazedly, “Arent you eating, Brother”

Seeing that his lobsters were mostly shelled, Han Zhuoling replied to Han Zhuofeng, “Go on the Net more if youre free.

Youre outdated.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

What just happened

He was scorned as outdated by a workaholic

What the h*ck!

Brother, you really dare say this!

“Aunty Liu, do we have bamboo skewers” Han Zhuoling enquired.

“Yes.” Aunty Liu brought one over soon.

“Sir, is this okay”

“Yes.” Han Zhuoling accepted it and pushed it through the crayfish one by one.

He did not take any photos back at Shi Xiaoyas house, only watched her do it.

He was regretting it now.

If only he had taken a picture then.

If he had posted it, others could have seen that its the same background despite being different pictures.

It would cause an uproar among the netizens for sure.

What a pity.

Han Zhuoling thought this as he skewered them efficiently before pouring the sauce over the meat using a spoon.

Seeing the stupefied expression on his brothers face, Han Zhuoling pursed his lips.

“You dont know this way of eating”

Han Zhuofeng closed his mouth with difficulty, saying, “Of course I know, Im surprised that you knew.”

Han Zhuoling tightened his lips, instantly becoming stern.

“Im not much older than you.

I do go on the Internet, okay”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Godd*mn, he became different the moment he started a relationship.

Not much older than him

Didnt it hurt his conscience saying this

Han Zhuoling ignored him and took out his phone, snapping a shot before posting it on Weibo.

“Heard this is the trending way of eating.”

Then he slowly ingested the skewered crayfish.

Han Zhuofeng was curious and went to see his Weibo after seeing Han Zhuoling posting.

He wondered after looking at the post, why did Han Zhuoling post this out of the blue

Only to realize that there were six digits worth of comments within a short span of time.

It hadnt been two minutes, had it

Han Zhuofeng clicked open the comments and saw that the netizens were kicking up a storm.

“Whats happening Is it a big day today or something Whys everyone eating skewered crayfish”

“Is it some challenge Like the ice bucket challenge, the A4 waist challenge, and now the skewered crayfish challenge”

“Its fine when the others posted, but the elder Young Master Han posted too.


“I dont even know which is more shocking.

Han Zhuoling only reposted work-related publicity stuff previously and nothing about his private life.

He actually posted something about his day.

Who can tell me whats going on”

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