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Chapter 1599: Saying Okay to Everything

“What about vegetables Are there any you dont like” Han Zhuoling asked.

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and said, “I dont eat celery, not because I dont like it actually.

I just heard that its easier for the skin to become tanner if you eat a lot of celery.

I dont know if its true, but anyway, just to be safe, I usually avoid eating it.”

Han Zhuoling chuckled.

He did not expect that she would care so much about her appearance.


“And… I dont really like okra.

I find that gooey texture on the inside a little gross,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Thats quite coincidental.

I dont like it either, forgot to say it yesterday.” Han Zhuoling nodded and made a mental note about it.

Actually, he had no personal opinion about okra.

After noting down Shi Xiaoyas favorite food, he asked again, “Then what do you want to eat tonight”

Shi Xiaoya said embarrassedly, “Im treating you to a meal, so of course I will prioritize what you like to eat.”

“Theres no conflict.

Both you and I like spicy food.

Aside from the food that both of us dont like to eat, everything else is fine.” Han Zhuoling pushed the trolley and entered the supermarket with Shi Xiaoya.

They went to the vegetable section first and saw the premium grade vegetables on the chiller shelves.

The vegetables on the chiller shelves were all organic and had no fertilizers used on them.

They were also neatly packed and put into boxes.

“Theres bok choy at home and also lettuce, potato, broccoli, and baby Chinese cabbage.

Is there anything else youd like to eat” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Thinking of how Shi Xiaoya would not be home for the next few days, Han Zhuoling said, “Then lets not buy vegetables anymore.

The vegetables in your house are enough for us to eat.”

Or else, if they bought even more and left it in her fridge, even if they did not spoil when she returned, it would not be fresh anymore.

Shi Xiaoya did not think of this, actually, but she still nodded.

They then moved on to the seafood section ahead.

They happened to see that there was fresh salmon that had just arrived.

The whole salmon was placed on display, with a chef specializing in preparing Japanese bento cuisine handling it.

“Do you like to eat raw salmon” Shi Xiaoya asked as she stared at the salmon, her eyes sparkling.

What was there for Han Zhuoling not to understand

Seeing the sparkle in her eyes, he subconsciously wished it would not go away.

He nodded and said, “I like it.

Lets buy some.”

Han Zhuoling followed Shi Xiaoya over and chose a slice of thick and fatty belly meat.

They also bought some other things, like herring with capelin roe, tuna sashimi, surf clam sashimi, and octopus sashimi.

They were all things that Shi Xiaoya liked to eat.

“Theres fresh wasabi here,” Shi Xiaoya said in surprise.

For customers to see it conveniently, the supermarket took care to display the wasabi at the Japanese cuisine section.

The wasabi was packaged into individual bags and covered with cling wrap.

Shi Xiaoya took one and said, “Grinding it at home to eat on the spot will taste much nicer than those readymade ones.”

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling smiled and nodded.

He did not realize that he was smiling more often than usual today.

Ever since he saw Shi Xiaoya, his smile had never really faded.

Especially when he saw Shi Xiaoyas sparkling smiling face.

No matter what she said, he would not bear to harbor any thoughts of rejection.

Towards the end, he did not even register what Shi Xiaoya actually said.

Anyway, as long as she pointed at something with her eyes sparkling brightly, Han Zhuoling only had one word to say: “Okay.”

Buy buy buy.

“Lets make a mala seafood hodgepodge, okay” Shi Xiaoya asked as she was suddenly inspired when she passed by the seafood section.

Han Zhuoling really liked hearing her use the word “us,” which shed unwittingly mentioned.

He just felt that listening to that made them sound close, which sounded nice.

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling still gave this reply.

“Do you like to eat octopus” Shi Xiaoya asked.

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