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Chapter 1598: Who Did You Say Is Coming to Fetch You

Was that question so difficult to answer even

“No…” Shi Xiaoya knew she could not avoid it, so she decided to come clean and said, “Han Zhuoling is coming to fetch me.”

“What the f*ck!” Guo Yujie exclaimed in shock.

Her voice was so loud that it could break out of the lift.

Luckily, there was no one else in the lift.

Guo Yujie stepped backward in shock, leaning her whole back against the wall of the lift.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Did she need to exaggerate this much

“You… Who did you say was coming to fetch you” The person stuttering became Guo Yujie instead.

Shi Xiaoya was too embarrassed to say it again.

Although she felt that there was clearly nothing going on, she simply felt embarrassed saying it.

“Han Zhuoling, you said Han Zhuoling is coming to fetch you” Guo Yujie cupped her face with her hands.

“Yet you still say you and Han Zhuoling have nothing going on!”

After a moments pause, Guo Yujie suddenly rushed up to Shi Xiaoya and said, “Dont tell me you two are dating now”

Guo Yujie stroked her chin with her finger and nodded as she analyzed, “No wonder when I asked if he was wooing you just now, you denied it.

So its because you two are already together.”

“Your imagination is running wild!” Shi Xiaoya was stunned.

Guo Yujie stared at her with doubt written all over her face.

Although she did not say it, her face clearly read, “If its not love, why would Han Zhuoling come and fetch you”

Shi Xiaoya could not possibly say that Han Zhuoling was coming to get his tie.

Why would his tie be in her hands

Because Han Zhuoling went to her house last night.

If she really said that, she would completely not be able to clear her name.

It would be difficult for one not to misunderstand when hearing that.

Shi Xiaoya then said, “He just wants to treat me to a meal and sincerely apologize.”

“I believe you,” Guo Yujie said very half-heartedly.

“Really” Shi Xiaoya said.

They were eating together, but she was the one cooking for him.

She was not lying completely.

“Its just… a meal to resolve our grudge.” Shi Xiaoya tried her best to explain it.

“Okay, okay,” Guo Yujie replied even more half-heartedly.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Looks like she would not be able to explain herself.

Both of them came out of the lift together and walked out of the office building.

Shi Xiaoya was about to look for Han Zhuolings car when she saw the car door of a Phantom open in front of her and Han Zhuoling stepping out of the car.

“Young Master Ling,” Shi Xiaoya greeted.

Guo Yujie also greeted him and immediately said, “Ill leave first.”

“Wait, arent you going back to your parents house” She was afraid that Guo Yujie would misunderstand, that was why she tried to hide it at first.

However, since she had already misunderstood now, there was no point hiding it.

Anyway, it was on the way, so Shi Xiaoya wanted to send Guo Yujie back as well.

However, Han Zhuoling had to agree to this too.

Shi Xiaoya carefully looked at Han Zhuoling and said, “Yujies parents house is quite along the journey.”

Han Zhuoling did not mind it.

Anyway, it was on the way, so he nodded and was about to say something when…

Guo Yujie righteously rejected it.

“Its not on the way! Not at all, its totally out of the way!”

She did not want to stay and be the third wheel.

After saying that she immediately waved at them and said, “Ill take my leave now!”

Afterward, she scrambled off hurriedly.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Han Zhuoling did not feel anything with regard to whether Guo Yujie should leave or not.

He quietly retracted his gaze, opened the car door to the passenger seat, and said, “Hop on.”

Shi Xiaoya quickly got into the car and had already fastened her seatbelt when Han Zhuoling closed the car door.

Han Zhuoling turned on the GPS and checked for supermarkets that were on the way, then brought Shi Xiaoya there first.

After entering the parking lot and parking the car, Han Zhuoling suddenly said, “You asked me what I liked to eat last night.

I forgot to ask you what you like to eat.”

Shi Xiaoya got out of the car and followed Han Zhuoling to take the lift to reach the supermarket.

She said, “Im fine, Im not really picky with food.

I really like spicy food, and I like sour stuff as well.

Sour and spicy foods are my favorites.”

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