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Chapter 1596: Why Did You Have Such a Huge Reaction

She suddenly felt that this wooden block of a guy seemed quite good at flirting as well.

“Xiaoya—” Guo Yujie knocked on the door and entered, only to see Shi Xiaoya with her face flushed red.

She was even smiling and staring at the card in her hand, looking just as if she was in love.

When Shi Xiaoya heard the sound, she quickly flipped the card over, put it down on the table, and covered it.


Guo Yujie stared at her in amusement as she sat down in front of her.

“What were you thinking about just now Your face became so red.

You didnt even hear when I knocked just now.”

Guo Yujie knocked on the door outside, yet she did not hear Shi Xiaoya reply even after a long time, so she opened the door to take a look.

In the end, she saw Shi Xiaoya looking all shy and embarrassed.

“Nothing,” Shi Xiaoya quickly said.

Alas, the blush on her face refused to fade.

Guo Yujie glanced at the card on the table.

“Han Zhuoling sent flowers, so the card must be written by him, right”

Shi Xiaoyas gaze shifted sideways, looking all guilty.

Guo Yujie leaned forward.

She did not look at the card but smiled ambiguously at her while squinting her eyes.

“Actually, Ive been very curious all this while.

Is he wooing you”

Han Zhuoling did not look like the kind that knew how to woo someone, but if he was not wooing Shi Xiaoya, why did he send flowers over every day for nothing

How long had he been sending them already!

Anyway, Han Zhuoling did not look like someone who would send other people flowers so casually.

Although he said it was to apologize, in Guo Yujies eyes, that was just an excuse.

“Dont talk rubbish.

Theres no such thing!” Shi Xiaoya was so startled that she almost jumped up before hurriedly denying it.

“Why are you overreacting” Guo Yujie looked at her teasingly and said, “I just made a guess, but look how flustered you are.”

The more she was being like this, the more suspicious it was, alright

If there was really nothing, why did Shi Xiaoya look so guilty

There was clearly something going on!

Guo Yujie simply felt that the First Young Master Han did not even look like he would bother talking to women, let alone send them flowers.

Yet now, even Shi Xiaoyas face was blushing at the mention of him, and this on top of how he seemed quite close to Shi Xiaoya now.

Guo Yujie laughed, “Hehe.”

Shi Xiaoya insisted and said, “I… Im not nervous because of the reason you guessed.”

Guo Yujie thought to herself, what reason did she guess

Wasnt Shi Xiaoya revealing her thoughts right now

She then heard Shi Xiaoya say, “Im afraid others might misunderstand if they heard it.

If it reaches Han Zhuolings ears, how much of a joke would it be”

“Theres only the two of us here, who will be able to hear” Guo Yujie decided to let Shi Xiaoya off and gestured to zip her lips with her hand.

“Okay, okay.

I wont say it.”

Guo Yujie immediately changed the topic to discuss serious matters with Shi Xiaoya.

When Guo Yujie left, Shi Xiaoya then carefully put the card into the drawer.

The drawer was already arranged neatly with a pile of Han Zhuolings handwritten cards.

When it was almost time for her to leave, Shi Xiaoya had already packed her things and was just waiting for Han Zhuoling to come over.

She could not help but keep checking the time.

The closer it got, the more nervous she became.

She pressed on her heart, but the motion could not stop her heart from beating faster.

To make herself calm down, Shi Xiaoya found a few makeup videos to watch.

Although she was already an established makeup artist in the country, she still followed quite a few other makeup artists blogs.

She followed both domestic and international bloggers.

The gap between domestic and international bloggers was still quite big.

Shi Xiaoya had the goal of venturing into the international market for her career, so she needed to master these skills.

Yet just when she took up her phone to watch a video, her phone suddenly lit up with a call.

It was a string of unfamiliar numbers.

For some reason, Shi Xiaoya just felt that it was probably a call from Han Zhuoling.

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