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Chapter 1595: Embarrassed No Matter How She Looked at the Words

Lin Liye couldnt sit still anymore.

“Why dont we find a chance to see Shi Xiaoya secretly”

Old Mrs.

Han was most enthusiastic about this, nodding immediately.

“Great great great.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Other families elders were steady and would have stopped such behaviors, but his own grandmother joined in the fray.

Shen Nuo cleared her throat.

“Then Im going too.”

Lu Man said, “I think Shi Xiaoyas going to film the second week of Survivor tomorrow.

I have no idea where the filming is going to be, though.

The production teams really secretive about it.”

Old Mrs.

Han did not let Han Zhuoli ask.

Since the production team was keeping it confidential, she had no reason to make things difficult for them just for this.

“Then well wait until she returns.” Old Mrs.

Han could only make do.

“Whens Zhuoling going to film again”

“Probably the third or fourth week,” Han Zhuoli answered.


Meanwhile, Shi Xiaoya still had no idea that her name had reached the ears of the Han Family elders.

She was in her office, clearing out her work.

Just then, Shi Xiaoya received Han Zhuolings WeChat.

“Done with your work” he asked.

Shi Xiaoya looked at their conversation from yesterday night.

He did not reply to her question on returning him his tie.

Now that he was asking her, he must have seen the message, yet he chose to ignore it.

Shi Xiaoya sighed.

Since they agreed that he was going to her place tonight, she didnt bring his tie over.

“Just finished,” Shi Xiaoya replied.

She then added another line, “You done”

“Yep, just done too.” This time, Han Zhuoling sent a voice message.

“Im headed to your studio, give me 30 minutes.”

Since he used voice messaging, and her location was good for voice messaging as well, she replied in turn, “Alright.”

Han Zhuoling stopped texting after that.

Though there was still half an hour, Shi Xiaoya chose to pack her stuff in advance.

When she was done, her gaze landed on the roses delivered today, lying on her table.

She thought he would stop sending her flowers since shed accepted his apologies and theyd made up.

Yet Xiao Zhang came again at 10 in the morning, carrying a bouquet of flowers.

Shi Xiaoya was shocked.

They had buried the hatchet, and she even cooked noodles for Han Zhuoling last night!

And they agreed that she was cooking again tonight.

They had clearly reconciled.

Did Han Zhuoling misunderstand anything

After she took the flowers, Xiao Zhang did not insist on her reading the card on the spot and giving a reply.

He left immediately.

She carried the flowers back to her office and saw there was indeed an envelope inside.

A familiar card lay inside.

On it was a familiar handwriting.

“Thank you for forgiving me.” His familiar signature was under it.

His sentences were always short and succinct.

It was clearly a simple message, but Shi Xiaoyas ears heated up.

The heat spread from her ears to her cheeks and neck.

She was embarrassed no matter how she looked at the words.

Her mind conjured Han Zhuolings face subconsciously, and she could see him smiling lightly as he said this.

His voice also rang by her ear, lowly and magnetic.

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