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Chapter 1594: Just Stay Single Forever

He then hugged her and kissed her deeply for another round, his hands roaming all over her body and under her coat before he was done.

Such that Lu Man had to spend extra time in front of the mirror tidying to make herself presentable.

The couple then went to the family home.

It was already after 3 pm, and the elderly couple was done with their afternoon naps and was sipping tea in the living room.

When they entered, they discovered a few empty cups beside the tea set, obviously laid out for them.

Han Xijin was attending a conference overseas, so only Shen Nuo came.

Lin Liye was there too.

The moment they saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man…

Old Mrs.

Han, Lin Liye, and Shen Nuo got especially excited.

The type where their eyes shone brightly.

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Lu Man: “…”

Apart from the first time Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man over, they rarely saw them being this eager.

The couple greeted the elders one by one.

When they sat, Old Mrs.

Han burst out, “I heard your older brother is wooing a lady recently”

Han Zhuoli looked without speaking at Lin Liye.

How did she tell the story to Old Mrs.

Han that it now became Han Zhuoling was wooing a girl

Han Zhuoli gathered his thoughts, saying, “Its hard to say if Big Brothers wooing her—Im not certain either.

Whats for sure is that Big Brother has a different attitude towards her from everyone else, and this is blatantly obvious.”

Thinking about it, Han Zhuoli snickered by himself.

“Big Brother usually ignores all women and is measly with his words.

Yet he loves talking to Shi Xiaoya and talks to her automatically, even sending her home himself.”

Lu Man might have suggested it, but Han Zhuoli was sure that Han Zhuoling would have brought it up even without Lu Man saying it.

Lu Man merely offered Han Zhuoling a way out, allowing him to send Shi Xiaoya home naturally.

Otherwise, who knew how much effort it would have taken for Han Zhuoling to suggest it himself

“Not sure if hes courting her, but hes definitely treating her differently,” Han Zhuoli said.

Han Zhuoli meant to make Old Mrs.

Han and Lin Liye more level-headed about things and not get too thrilled.

Alas, his words further bolstered Old Mrs.

Hans confidence.

She slapped her thigh.

“Then thats it, your big brothers wooing her! He wont give others the time of day, and now hes not only looking and talking to her, he even sent her home.”

Old Mrs.

Han leaned forward.

“If this isnt courting, then he can just stay single forever!”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Lu Man: “…”

They couldnt help Han Zhuoling now that Old Mrs.

Han was dead set on her opinion.

“You know the lass Shes called Shi Xiaoya” Old Mrs.

Han questioned.

“Shes signed under the Han Corporation, but she has her own studio under the Han Corporations name.

Shes now a super famous makeup artist.

Shed done makeup for me before,” Lu Man explained.

“Shes nice.”

“Shi Xiaoya.

The surname Shi is quite unique—not many have this name.

I know theres a Shi family.

Are they related to Shi Xiaoya” Shen Nuo asked.

Han Zhuoli nodded.

“Shi Xiaoyas the Shi familys youngest daughter.

Shes not working in her family business, choosing to be a makeup artist on her own.”

“The Shi family is not bad,” Shen Nuo commented.

“Ive met Mrs.

Shi at a few events before, shes polite and genuine.

The Shi family has a good reputation too, never heard anything bad about them.”

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