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Chapter 1588: After Sunset

Of course, this was excluding the students who were already famous.

Teacher Hong immediately went to search for Luo Yijuns contact.

In the classroom, Dong Jingxi was still unaware that Principal Liu and the others had already decided to swap her out, so she was still so focused on picking on Lu Man.

“Lu Man, you shouldnt just go along with everyones opinions just because we all choseAfter Sunset. Why dont you say your reason” Dong Jingxi asked pretentiously.

Lu Man chuckled.

She decided to just say what she was going to say to Zheng Yuan just now.

“Its becauseAfter Sunset is Director Dengs new film.

Although it already claimed some awards earlier last year at a film festival, the film had only just aired this month domestically, and it has only been showing for two weeks.

Although its already past the initial publicity period for a film screening, this period of time is actually very good for publicity in such circumstances.

“Since the film has already been screening for a while, word about it has already gone out and most of the plot has already been revealed, so it would not affect the film screening even if we act out a part of it.

Also, it could coincidentally bring about another wave of publicity for the film.

When audience members who had yet to watch the film watched the live performance, they would be attracted to go to the cinemas to watch it.” Lu Man chuckled before adding, “Of course, we have to perform well enough first.

“Director Dengs films have always had a regular group of audience all along.

If we can use this chance to attract even more new fans, then that would be the best outcome.” Lu Mans words could be said to be worded very artfully.

She did not say that Deng Xus film needed to raise its box office sales.

Thats because Deng Xus films really did not achieve an especially high box office sales, as that depended on the nature of his films.

She was not saying that his films were directed badly, just that films that were too deep would definitely not be as popular as the usual popcorn flicks.

But if they could make more people like his shows, whats not to love about the plan

Lu Mans words sounded pleasant, and the meaning was conveyed very clearly as well.

Lu Man paused before giving Dong Jingxi a cold smile and saying, “If you have the time to keep shifting all the attention to me and wasting such time, why dont we spend it to settle things early and start practicing earlier”

Dong Jingxis expression looked really ugly.

Deng Xu smiled politely and nodded.

“This is really quite a good idea.”

“Then lets just chooseAfter Sunset,\'” Deng Xu said with a nod.

Dong Jingxi did not expect that shed end up letting Lu Man show off when she intended to make Lu Man embarrass herself.

“Theres a part in it which I think is not bad.

You guys have enough people and have high acting standards.

Similarly, it can be of great help to you all in helping you to develop your acting skills to your full potential,” Deng Xu said.

“You guys wait for me first, Ill ask someone to send a soft copy over.”

After Deng Xu said that, he asked his assistant to get the soft copy of the script and asked someone else to pick that part of the film out and send it over together with the script.

While Deng Xu and his assistant were contacting their work studio, outside, Luo Yijun had hurriedly rushed over.

“Luckily you were in school today,” Teacher Hong said and smiled.

This was also probably a chance that Luo Yijun deserved.

If Luo Yijun was filming outside or rushing back, that would have needed time as well, so this chance might really not have landed into Luo Yijuns hands.

When Luo Yijun received Teacher Hongs call and got this opportunity, how would she dare to delay any further She immediately rushed over without saying anything more.

She even ran all the way here and got her stomach so filled with wind that she had yet to steady her breaths, much less say a complete sentence.

“Teacher… Teacher Hong…” Luo Yijun greeted while panting.

She realized there were other people as well and immediately greeted them, “Principal, Dean, Teacher Yao.”

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