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Chapter 1584: Arent Some People So Full of Themselves

“Director Deng, perhaps you could tell the students what theyre going to do” Principal Liu suggested.

“Okay.” Deng Xu nodded and faced the students.

Everyone stopped talking and looked at him intently.

“I came with CEO Han today to let you all choose what scenes you want and to settle the allocation of roles,” Deng Xu said.

“Im still not familiar with your acting, so Ill determine your roles by judging your image and disposition just like in normal auditions.”

Dong Jingxis eyes shone.

That meant that the main role had yet to be allocated, and it wouldnt be Lu Mans for sure, right

The school thought Lu Man had potential and treated her like the trump card.

If it was up to the schools teachers to decide, theyd definitely give Lu Man the main character role no matter how she performed or whether she was suitable or not.

Dong Jingxi felt that this was especially unfair.

But now that its Deng Xu deciding, everythings different.

Though he was approached by Han Zhuoli, judging by his temperament and with others view of him in mind, he was not likely to give Lu Man the role if he thought she was unsuited for it.

The lead role should be given to the most qualified one.

Dong Jingxi had a good imagination, but if she thought it through, she would have realized that her acting skills couldnt be compared to Lu Mans at all, even if Deng Xu didnt make Lu Man the lead because of Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli noticed Dong Jingxis reaction and knew what she was thinking.

And laughed in his heart.

He approached Deng Xu for what

Because he loved the National Film Academy

What a joke.

Of course its because of Lu Man.

If Lu Man wasnt here, why would he seek out Deng Xu

They benefited from Lu Man, okay

The situation was like this and they still wanted to fight for the lead role

Obviously, the main character role would be Lu Mans!

If they found it unfair, then they should find some other big-shot director thats even better than Deng Xu themselves.

Hes unapologetically biased anyway.

Lu Man must be the lead.

Otherwise, were all his efforts supposed to be due to their reputation

Han Zhuoli sneered.

Werent some people so full of themselves

Over at the other side, Principal Liu said to Deng Xu, “Then shall we make our way to the classrooms first, Director Deng”

He originally wanted Teacher Yao, Teacher Hong, and Teacher Wan from the directing school to help prepare the students.

But now that Deng Xus here, Principal Liu was worried the students would do anything to make themselves known to him.

Working hard and having ambitions were good; Principal Liu wouldnt stop that.

He was mainly concerned about students being unable to gauge the extent they could go and making things go awry instead.

He couldnt let his students ruin their careers under his eye, could he

“Alright, lets get going,” Deng Xu said.

Hence, Principal Liu, together with Dean He, brought the students to the performing classrooms.

Lu Man stayed until shes the last one there and walked with Han Zhuoli.

“Would you owe Director Deng a favor because of this I never sought your help because I dont want you to help the school carry the burden because of me.

I want to separate them clearly.

School is school, us is us.

If the school needs help and I could do it, Ill help, no questions asked.

But I cant drag you in just because of this.”

Han Zhuoli held Lu Mans hand and strolled towards the exit leisurely, maintaining a distance from the rest of the group in front.

“Im not helping the school, Im doing it for you,” he replied.

“Theres no need to draw the line so clearly for these things.

Invitng Deng Xu isnt that big of a favor.

Owing and returning favors to one another is typical in this industry, and over time, no one can remember clearly what is paid and what isnt.”

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