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Chapter 1575: Han Zhuoling Smiled Upon Seeing That

Meanwhile, Shi Xiaoya also dressed comfortably at home.

It was almost winter, but not yet time to turn on the heater.

Her home was air-conditioned, though not as warm as a heater.

She was dressed fluffily, her clothes looking soft, light, and comfortably furry.

Her hair was tied into a bun near the top of her head.

Shi Xiaoya had a nicely-shaped head, round all over, and not flat at the back.

So when she tied into a bun, the hairstyle looked really good on her.

She had a hair clip pinned, with blue sides and white in the middle.

The blue words on the white area spelled “aloof.”

Exactly like the meme that trended on the Net before.

Han Zhuoling smiled upon seeing that.

She was obviously so cute and soft, yet she wore a pin declaring herself “aloof.”

He thought she was better suited to the label “adorkable.”

There were no beauty filters in video calls, so he could see Shi Xiaoyas real self in the camera.

Even without the filters and makeup, her skin was still fair and clear, totally unblemished.

Perhaps it was because of the lighting, but her face was pinkish and looked especially healthy.

Unlike many others whose eyebrows disappear and who had smaller eyes after removing their makeup…

Shi Xiaoya didnt appear much different.

Han Zhuoling even wondered whether she drew her brows usually.

For how else could she still look the same

He decided to observe closely next time.

Han Zhuoling couldnt help but scrutinize her features.

No matter where it was, it looked nice even without makeup.

Her natural lips looked like they had lip balm on, slightly shiny and moisturized while revealing their natural pinkish color.

He recalled the time when they filmed in Nanhai City.

He was already curious when Shi Xiaoya did makeup for him in the morning—what did her natural lips look like, without the lipstick hiding them

Whod have guessed he would get his answer tonight

“I never expected you to call, so I got a shock.

I was in a daze,” Shi Xiaoya replied honestly.

Han Zhuoling imagined her nervous state just now and smiled at the imagery.

“Where are you now Why is your background all white” Han Zhuoling questioned.

Shi Xiaoya paused before saying, embarrassed, “Because I had supper, Im standing against a wall to aid digestion.

But it should be done now.”

Shi Xiaoya didnt want to chat with Han Zhuoling with her arms raised, so shed settled on her bed.

So Han Zhuoling saw Shi Xiaoyas background change to her headboard.

He could spot the plushies on her headboard from the corner of the screen.

Shi Xiaoya took one randomly and hugged it, talking to Han Zhuoling with bent knees.

When she recovered, she then realized, why was she talking about nothing with Han Zhuoling so naturally

Ever since she picked up, theyd been conversing about random stuff.

Stuff that was especially domestic.

“What are you hugging” Han Zhuoling suddenly asked.

His random questions made Shi Xiaoya forget Han Zhuolings original intentions in video-calling.

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