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Chapter 1572: Im Not Suspecting You

The screen showed the blank white background of the word document with a simple black font, looking plain and boring.

But Shi Xiaoyas face appeared on this boring page out of nowhere.

She looked just how she did in her videos, all smiles.

Han Zhuoling shook his head furiously, and his screen appeared normal once more.

He inhaled deeply, then closed the screen.

Recalling something, he picked up his phone and opened his Weibo.

Notifications about his fans were typically plenty, since he would garner many new followers every day.

But he never bothered about those.

He clicked on his own “Following” tab and saw Shi Xiaoyas name heading the section.

Now, the sign beside her name showed that they were both following each other.

The corner of Han Zhuolings mouth lifted; he was feeling good.

Returning to his main page, he noticed that his last Weibo post was a repost of Survivor‘s first wave of publicity.

The comments beneath were from people surprised that Han Zhuoling would help Survivor publicize.

People in the know revealed that the Han Corporation had invested in Survivor.

These were the early comments.

The newest ones were left by those curious as to why he followed Shi Xiaoya.


Han Zhuoling thought, because he wanted to.

Why did there have to be so many reasons

And then he saw a comment stating, “Young Master Ling, look at the ones youre following.

Theyre all your brothers or friends from the eight great families, and theyre all excellent gentlemen.

Shi Xiaoya is the first lady youve followed.”

“The only rose among the grass!”

“The list is impressive.

Only Shi Xiaoya is a lady among all the guys.

Especially eye-catching.”

Han Zhuoling didnt realize that, and after looking at the netizens comments, he went to look at his “Following” list again.

He didnt feel anything before this, but now, he felt that there was something ambiguous.

Shi Xiaoyas name laid there quietly, especially strange.

Just then, his WeChat notification rang.

Switching over to WeChat, he saw the notification was from Han Zhuoli.

No matter what he said or didnt say, his attitude had more than answered Lin Liyes question.

Hence, Han Zhuoli felt it was better to inform Han Zhuoling.

Otherwise, his brother would still be in the dark by the time Lin Liye and Old Mrs.

Han had gone to see Shi Xiaoya.

After seeing Han Zhuolis message, Han Zhuoling naturally knew why Lin Liye was so kind to him just now.

But he didnt explain it to Lin Liye.

Thinking about it, he asked Han Zhuoli, “Do you have Shi Xiaoyas number”

Not long after, Han Zhuoli replied, “Apart from the ones in our family, I dont have any other females contact number.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Why was he explaining this!

Han Zhuoling: “Lu Mans beside you, right”

Han Zhuoli: “My answer is the same even if shes not!”

Han Zhuoli then forced his phone into Lu Mans hands.

“You can check if you dont believe me.”

“…” Lu Man was speechless.

“Im not even suspecting you.

Why should I check”

She then asked in surprise, “That aside, Big Brother has known Shi Xiaoya for quite some time yet he doesnt even have her contact number”

Her words reminded Han Zhuoli of the fact, and he parroted her words at Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

“Why would I want a girls phone number For what purpose” Han Zhuoling said defiantly.

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