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Chapter 1568: Tell Me Honestly

Lin Liye didnt mind, replying, “Thats great, I can talk to you both.”

Han Zhuoli then answered Lin Liyes question.

“Brother didnt come back with us.

We went home first while he sent someone home.”

Lin Liyes ears perked at this.

“Is it a guy or a girl”

Lu Mans eyes glittered before she whispered, “Is it alright telling Auntie this”

Though she said it softly, she knew Lin Liye could hear her.

Lin Liye became anxious and was bursting with energy from excitement and anticipation.

“Oh! Tell me! Its okay, Ill definitely be cool.”

Han Zhuoli pinched Lu Mans nose.

Didnt this lass do that on purpose

She had gotten into the habit of teasing Han Zhuoling recently.

As Lu Man said, she had never seen someone as unenlightened about the matters of the heart as Han Zhuoling was; it was a little cute.

In contrast, Han Zhuoli, who had gone solo for three whole decades ever since he was conceived, had moved fast with his various methods when he was courting Lu Man back then.

As a result, Lu Man didnt feel scared of Han Zhuoling anymore.

She even thought he was pretty adorable for his stumbling attempts.

After dropping the respectful distance and starting to think he was cute, Lu Man was naturally not afraid of him any longer.

In reality, Lin Liye was completely not composed at all.

She was wringing her hands in agitation.

Han Zhuofeng was eager to hear Han Zhuolis reply too, so hed had Lin Liye turn on her speakers.

Hence, Lin Liyes hands were unoccupied.

“Its a girl,” Han Zhuoli said.

“You know Shi Xiaoya”

“I know her.

Shes that awesome makeup artist.” Lin Liye loved to doll up too, and shed usually watch Shi Xiaoyas makeup tutorials.

“That girls really good.

Shes young, but her techniques above average.”

Moreover, Shi Xiaoyas makeup tutorials were not only targeted at youngsters but were also applicable for women her age.

This was something other makeup artists or beauty bloggers lacked.

Hence, Lin Liye was Shi Xiaoyas ardent fan.

She even followed her on social media.

It was just that they all used usernames online, so no one knew she was a member of the Han Family.

Lin Liye said delightedly, “Did Zhuoling send Shi Xiaoya home Are they dating”

Han Zhuoli said hurriedly, “No, no.

Big Brother only sent her home.

Its uncertain whether theyre dating or not.”

Lin Liye heard that and thought, Isnt this equal to dating!

Also, even Han Zhuoli didnt say it was a foregone conclusion.

He only said its uncertain if theyre dating.

This meant that its unconfirmed for now but that its possible in the future!

“Dont you know your brother He wont even spare a glance for other girls usually—would he send them home out of the goodness of his heart” Lin Liye was hyped up.

“Even if theyre not dating now, Zhuoli, tell me honestly, has your brother fallen for her”

Otherwise, why would someone whose only love was his work suddenly come to his senses and send a girl home

If this was before, he wouldnt even remember that he could just ask a chauffeur to do it, let alone drive personally.

If someone wanted him to send them home, his reaction would be, “You cant even remember how to go home”

And hed send them a look that screamed, “Are you an idiot”

Lin Liye felt her head ache as she thought about that.

Her concerns about Han Zhuolings affairs hadnt been settled yet.

Moreover, despite how Han Zhuoling finally had some developing feelings for someone, Han Zhuoli thought itd be better to give his brother some space.

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