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Chapter 1562: Not Like They Were a Couple

They even put on makeup beforehand and used the lighting effects to achieve the aims of the photoshoot.

That kind of carefully prepared look, in Shi Xiaoyas eyes, could not even be compared to Han Zhuolings inadvertent sexiness in his current casual and relaxed stance.

She had never seen him in such a relaxed state before.

Not even when he was filming.

At that time, he wore a comfortable T-shirt convenient for moving around, but his whole person was still very uptight.

Even if he was fully donning casual clothes, he still looked the same as he did when he was dressed smartly in a suit, standing with his back and shoulders straightened up.

He looked just like a royal wearing casual clothes.

It did not diminish his elegance in any way.

He was still exuding elegance all over right now, but Shi Xiaoya just felt that he had relaxed.

Although he still sat upright, there was a lazy feeling to it.

She did not know how Han Zhuoling did it.

He could simply give off the impression of casual elegance to others.

Even when a really simple bowl of noodles was placed before him.

Shi Xiaoya pointed at the chili oil and sesame oil on the table.

“These are chili oil and sesame oil.

You can add some according to your tastes.”

At first, Shi Xiaoya did not feel hungry.

Only when Han Zhuoling mentioned it did she feel like eating.

Furthermore, she really did not eat much at that Sichuan sour and spicy fish place earlier.

She just hurriedly ate some and rushed off to work.

Who knew that Jiang Yuhan would actually arrive late

In the end, now that Han Zhuoling had mentioned it, she really felt a little hungry.

As she was boiling the soup, she even felt that it smelled too fragrant and gave great affirmation to her own cooking skills.

Han Zhuoling did not really like the fragrance of sesame oil.

He felt that it was too greasy, so he added only a few drops of chili oil.

He put it back after adding a few drops.

For some reason, he even added, “You did say its not good to eat too much chili at night.

Ill listen to you.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Why did he suddenly say that line

He made it sound as if he was really being obedient to her.

Shi Xiaoyas earlobes turned red.

She also added a few drops of chili for herself, about the same amount as Han Zhuoling did.

As she ate, she felt that it tasted quite good, but she was not sure if Han Zhuoling liked it.

“This is my first time cooking for someone else.

What do you think”

Han Zhuoling picked up a portion of noodles with his chopsticks and paused when he heard that.

“You never cooked for Qin Zigou before”

Shi Xiaoya was confused.

“Why would I cook for him Both of us usually eat together during work, so we either order takeout or go to a restaurant.”

Even when Qin Zigou would come over occasionally, it would not be during meal times.

Anyway, if it were only the two of them eating together at home, that would be so weird.

Not like they were a couple.

Qin Zigou did not like staying either.

If she ran into problems with her home electricity or things like her air conditioner, Shi Xiaoya would call for the repairman to come and fix it.

Qin Zigou only needed to stay there and bolster her confidence to let people know that she was not the only one there.

When the repairman left, Qin Zigou would also skittle off to busy himself with other work.

Han Zhuoling raised his eyebrows and the corners of his mouth curved up slightly.

“Its very nice.”

Han Zhuoling took another mouthful and said, “It suits my tastes very well.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled until the corners of her eyes crinkled.

She was super elated.

“Now that I think about it, although I dont really have much time to cook usually, when I give myself a break sometimes, I would also cook for myself.

Anyway, I think its quite nice when I eat it, though this may not be an accurate review since I made it.

Of course I will think its good.”

Han Zhuoling said seriously, “Its really very nice.”

Whether it was to prove his words, he even drank up all the remaining soup.

Shi Xiaoya was really afraid that he would get bloated, but Han Zhuoling seemed totally fine after eating, so she finally felt reassured.

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