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Both of them were not stupid.

They naturally recalled how much Han Zhuoli had helped Lu Man back then.

The two of them must have already been together at that time.

But to be honest, even without this relationship, Han Zhuoli was not being biased either.

The first three judges had indeed been unfair in the beginning.

Lu Man was capable enough by herself as well.

Her acting skills made the cut, and there was no need for Han Zhuoli to be biased towards her for her to attain high marks for herself.

The marks that Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang awarded were honestly given.

They took into account no one else when awarding marks.

Hence, even when they found out about Lu Man and Han Zhuolis relationship later on, both of them did not feel that it was a big deal.

They also did not view Lu Man differently because of that.

Shao Yuqi and Zhang Shuidong also came over and sat beside Lian Fang.

Both of them first greeted Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling.

Zhang Shuidong and Lu Man could be considered to be old acquaintances, so both of them smiled and chatted for a bit.

Afterward, he took the initiative to introduce Shao Yuqi to Lu Man.

“Xiao Shao, you havent met Lu Man, right”

Shao Yuqi was quite polite.

She smiled and said, “I watched Lu Mans films before.

She acts very well.”

“Im still very new to acting.

Hope to have a chance to learn from you, Teacher Shao,” Lu Man said modestly.

“Why are you calling me Teacher Shao That sounds too polite.” Shao Yuqi seemed quite forthcoming.

“If you dont mind, you can call meSister.\'”

Its not strange that Shao Yuqi would be so polite towards Lu Man.

If it were other people, Shao Yuqi might be polite, but she would not have taken the initiative to say that.

Wasnt it all because of Lu Mans relationship with Han Zhuoli

Even if Shao Yuqi did not give others face, she could not not give face to Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man knew that very well and smiled and said, “Then I will be thick-skinned and call you Sister Yuqi.”

Both of them chatted for a while before Shao Yuqi went back to her seat.

She was five seats away from Lu Man, so it was really not convenient for them to chat.

At that moment, Shi Xiaoya and the others came out as well.

Shi Feng and Ling Xiaoen also wanted to use this chance to get to know some artistes.

It would be good for their jobs, so they stayed as well.

Shi Xiaoya had not decided if she wanted to stay when she heard someone call her.


Shi Xiaoya looked to the source of the sound and saw Lu Man sitting there and waving to her.

Lu Man thought that Han Zhuoling probably would not directly call Shi Xiaoya over and worried that Shi Xiaoya might just look for a random seat at the back or even leave straight away.

This Big Brother was really a headache.

Hence, Lu Man did not wait for Han Zhuoling to show any signs of expression and called Shi Xiaoya over first.

Shi Xiaoya was holding a huge bunch of flowers, which made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Under the eyes of everyone else, she walked over to the first row.

Jiang Yuhan and the others sat down on the second row.

Seeing Shi Xiaoya actually standing in front, Jiang Yuhan looked over and frowned.

She actually seemed quite close to Lu Man, which was unexpected.

Lu Man pointed to the seat beside her and asked, “Do you have anything else after this”

“Nope.” Shi Xiaoya did not suspect anything amiss and just answered honestly.

Lu Man happily pointed to the seat beside her and said, “Thats great, then.

Theres a seat for you.

You can come and sit.”

Lu Man did not say who had saved the seat for her.

If she just said it was Han Zhuoling, she was afraid Shi Xiaoya might feel uncomfortable, so she decided to just skip the pronoun.

When Shi Xiaoya heard that, her first reaction was to think that Lu Man had saved a seat for her.

It was because the seat was right beside Lu Man and Han Zhuoling was sitting on the other side.

Principal Liu did not care how they arranged their seats and simply saved two seats for Han Zhuoling.

When it came to the seating arrangement, Han Zhuoling was still the one to decide.

When Han Zhuoling had been about to sit right next to Lu Man, Lu Man had stopped him and said that reserving that seat for Shi Xiaoya would be more convenient.

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