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“You go ahead.

We saved a seat for you just in case.

We know that you will probably sit with Young Master Han, but we were worried that the school did not leave a seat for you.

Anyway, we saved a seat for you only so you wont be left stranded.”

Lu Man smiled and thanked them.

Coincidentally, a few students did not have a seat, so Zheng Yuan let them in.

Lu Man then went to find Han Zhuoli.

She had just walked over to Han Zhuolis side when she heard Han Zhuoling ask Principal Liu, “Is there an extra seat that can be arranged beside me”

The first row was definitely impossible to fill up.

Aside from the school leaders, there were Han Zhuoli, Han Zhuoling, and the old artistes from the entertainment industry, like teachers Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang.

There were also the Best Actor Zhang Shuidong, the Best Actress Hu Jingwen, the A-list superstar actress Shao Yuqi, and the internationally acclaimed movie star Cao Jingcheng.

On the second row sat the deans of the various majors and some school leaders.

There were also Huang Yilun, Xu Fei, Jiang Yuhan, and some young actors who were rising in popularity.

Although they were famous, they were at most C-list actors.

On the third row sat the exchange students.

Even if the first row was not completely filled, they would not move people from the second row, who were arranged to be seated there according to various conditions, up to the first row.

Hence, the first row really had a few empty seats.

Han Zhuoling explained, “I have a friend who came as well.”

Principal Liu thought to himself that everyone who came all received an invite, but all who had been invited had already been assigned seats.

If he suddenly changed their seats, he was afraid that the guests would have objections to it.

The few people who came were not to be trifled with.

Lu Man could tell what Principal Lius concerns were and asked Han Zhuoling, “Big Brother, its Xiaoya, right”

Han Zhuoling did not say anything and silently agreed.

“Is it Shi Xiaoya” Principal Liu knew that Shi Xiaoya had been engaged by Jiang Yuhan for makeup services.

As Shi Xiaoya was hard to invite, many artistes would use her name to brag when they finally managed to invite her.

Jiang Yuhan was no exception.

She wanted to brag, but at the same time felt, why should Shi Xiaoya be so difficult to hire

She was just a makeup artist and that was nothing remarkable.

She just did not want to think highly of Shi Xiaoya and wanted to beat down on her.

She only accepted A-list jobs


How arrogant she was!

As she was unhappy with Shi Xiaoya previously, it made Jiang Yuhan very insistent on finding fault with Shi Xiaoya.

Hence, Jiang Yuhan wanted to show off while trying to find fault with her at the same time.

This kind of conflicting psychological feeling was very hard to understand.

Han Zhuoling finally nodded his head.

Principal Liu heaved a sigh of relief.

As Shi Xiaoya came as a staff worker, the school did not arrange a seat for her.

If she wanted to watch, she could find a random spot to watch.

If she did not have time, she could leave right after as well.

“Thats not a problem.” Principal Liu smiled and said, “Ill go and arrange it now.”

As Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling sat on the first row, Lu Mans being Han Zhuolis wife would make others unable to find fault with her.

But Shi Xiaoya stood out a little too much.

It was not possible to make the other guests move to the side, so only the school leaders could shift on their side.

Moving left or right was not such a big issue.

They did not care about that.

It was those artistes who minded it a lot.

One seat could prove their status in the industry.

Han Zhuoli, Lu Man, and Han Zhuoling sat in their seats.

Ma Xianghuan and the rest were led to their seats as well.

Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang were considered to be familiar with Han Zhuoli because of the Chinese Arts Championships previously.

Both of them smiled and greeted Han Zhuoli.

Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang also smiled warmly at Lu Man, saying that they were fated to meet again.

Who would have expected that the young lady they judged back then would actually become Han Zhuolis wife

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