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If she doubted Shi Xiaoya, would she then doubt an internationally acclaimed makeup artist

At that moment, the students from the student council came over and invited the three guests to take their places at the VIP seats.

Jiang Yuhan could not put Shi Xiaoya in the spot even if she wanted to now.

The fact that she was satisfied deep down and just wanted to nitpick and find things to say aside…

Even if she was really unhappy, it would be too late to change things now.

Jiang Yuhan pretended to be magnanimous while being displeased with Shi Xiaoya and sighed before saying, “Forget it.

Anyway, theres no time left.

I will just make do with this.”

After saying that, Jiang Yuhan walked out and pretended to have a very good temper and friendly demeanor in front of the students.

It was just that she did not take more than a few steps before she heard Shi Xiaoya saying to Guo Yujie behind her, “Reject all jobs from Jiang Yuhan next time.

I wont take on any jobs with her.”

“Sure,” Guo Yujie answered crisply.

Jiang Yuhan paused in her steps, fuming with rage.

She almost could not carry on with her friendly pretense in front of the others.

Even if she did not want to take on jobs with her, she could have waited for her to leave before saying that.

Shi Xiaoya purposely said it at this time so that she could hear it.

How could Jiang Yuhan not be angry!

Yet when she turned to look, that assistant of Shi Xiaoyas looked so gleeful and totally did not worry about Jiang Yuhan.

Shi Xiaoya dared to be rude to her, but what right did a mere assistant have to do that

Jiang Yuhan was about to say something when she heard a mans voice, which was especially polite, “Ms.


Everyone else heaved a sigh of relief.

If Jiang Yuhan really raised a ruckus, theyd have had to think of a way to stop the fight.

Everyone turned at the sound and saw a young man carrying a huge bunch of roses, smiling ear to ear as he walked over.

The person that came was naturally Xiao Zhang.

Everyone who saw, except Jiang Yuhan, all gave an ambiguous smile.

Was this Shi Xiaoyas suitor

Jiang Yuhan sized up Xiao Zhang and instantly knew it in her heart.

Having been in the industry for so long, she had developed some observation skills.

No matter how well-dressed this person was, she could tell with one look that he was an average person.

What was there to show off about

Jiang Yuhan gave a snort of contempt.

Xiao Zhang probably did not even notice Jiang Yuhan and walked right up to Shi Xiaoya.

There was only the future Madam Han in his eyes right now!


Zhang,” Shi Xiaoya greeted politely.

“Aye, how many times have I said it You can just call me Xiao Zhang.” Xiao Zhang smiled and said, “You really dont need to be so polite with me.”

“Then you shouldnt use ‘you1 either,” Shi Xiaoya said with a laugh.

Hearing him say that really felt weird.

Shi Xiaoya suddenly recalled that when she used the formal pronoun on Han Zhuoling, Han Zhuoling seemed displeased as well.

She wondered if he had the same thought as her.

However, she also felt that Han Zhuoling should have long been used to other people addressing him that way and would not feel as uncomfortable as she did.

At that moment, Xiao Zhang laughed and said, “If you call me Mr.

Zhang, wont I have to address you formally”

Shi Xiaoya did not know what to do with him, so she could only say, “Alright.

Then Ill call you Xiao Zhang.”

Xiao Zhang immediately greeted her back.

He had been sending flowers to Shi Xiaoya these last few days.

Shi Xiaoya had been polite but distant initially.

But slowly, Shi Xiaoyas attitude towards him also became softer and softer.

And now, she would even joke with him.

What did this show

It showed that Shi Xiaoya was no longer as angry at Han Zhuoling as before!

Xiao Zhang felt that Han Zhuoling had hope!

When everyone heard Shi Xiaoyas conversation with Xiao Zhang, they knew that Xiao Zhang was probably not the suitor but someone who came in place of someone else to deliver the flowers.


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