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Chapter 1522: Shes the Only Talkative One, Talking Non-stop

Dean He also introduced the teachers on his side and said, “Our school principal has to attend a meeting with the principals of the other three schools, so he could not make it in person today.

He specially asked me to convey his apologies.”

“No worries.” Luzern gave a small smile.

“These students here are from our student council.

We will lead you all on a tour around the school.

How is that” Dean He suggested.


We would love to look around as well,” Luzern said with a smile.

“This way.” Dean He walked alongside Luzern and the other teachers as he briefly explained, “Here in front is our school building for Performing Arts.”

The moment he said that, Howard suddenly interjected, “Since you are all here, can we go and take a look at how your classes are conducted I am quite curious about that.”

The other students also expressed the same thoughts.

Luzern put on a pretense and said, “That wont be nice.

We would interfere with the other students having lessons.”

Since this matter was brought up and it was not some very rude request, Dean He naturally could not reject them.

“No worries.

We can watch from outside the classroom.”

Ultimately, he also did not want the students to be disturbed while they were in class.

He knew, too, that in this team, Shana was a member.

She was very popular among young people.

As long as she appeared, it would definitely cause a huge impact on the order in the classroom and distract the students from their lessons.

And Bourbottes nephew was here as well.

Who knew if he harbored animosity towards Lu Man

Dean He did not want to let them disturb the students, so he could only compromise and not let them enter the classroom.

“Of course.” Luzern was unhappy deep down, but he still maintained an understanding and reasonable demeanor.

“We wont want to disrupt the students in their classes as well.”


The fact that they were going to take a look was already giving these country bumpkins enough face.

Saying they did not want to disturb the students previously was merely an attempt at politeness.

He did not expect Dean He to take advantage of this point.

Howard scoffed lightly in disdain.

The whole bunch of them walked into the school building.

“I heard Lu Man is a student in your school.

Is that true” Shana asked.

“Yes.” Dean He nodded, not saying anything more.

Howard could not hold it back and asked first, “Then is she attending class right now”

Dean He frowned very slightly.

Looking at Howards demeanor, he could tell that he was up to no good.

He might just be going there to look for trouble.

Howard was still a young man.

Furthermore, he did not treat the people at the National Film Academy with any respect, whether it was the school leaders or the students.

In his eyes, they were all the same.

They would all collapse at the first blow and were totally not their match.

Hence, his face could not hide any of these thoughts.

Not only could it not hide his disdain for the National Film Academy, but it also could not hide his animosity towards Lu Man.

That look of eagerness on his face nearly spelled out the word “provocation” on it.

How could Dean He be at ease

“I really dont know about this.” Of course Dean He knew.

“There are so many students, I cant possibly know whether every student is attending class or where their classrooms are.”

Alas, the moment Dean He said that, a girl from the student council behind him said, “Lu Man is having an acting practice class right now.”

Dean He could not even be bothered to hide it now and just turned around to stare at her with a cold look on his face.

Of all people, shes the only talkative one, talking non-stop!

As an outstanding student of the National Film Academy who was also Han Zhuolis wife, Lu Man had always been a concern of the school.

Would he not know which class she was in right now

Anyone with brains should know that.

He was just looking for an excuse to prevent this bunch of people from going over to cause trouble.

She just had to make herself be the capable one.

Did she think she was the only one who knew Lu Man was in acting practice class right now

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