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Chapter 1514: He Really Knows

As he closed the door, he said, “Big Brother, you sent flowers”

Those words were so random.

However, Han Zhuoling still understood him at once.

“How did you know” Han Zhuoling casually asked.

He did not feel that anything was up.

“Zheng Tianming heard that Xiao Zhang went to the florist and guessed it.” Han Zhuoli sat opposite Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Ever since he came back to work, Han Zhuoli had especially loved coming to his office.

“You sent flowers to Shi Xiaoya” Han Zhuoli smiled and asked, “Whats her reaction”

“I put a card in the flowers and apologized to her again.

She accepted the flowers, but she just said she understood and did not say anything else.

Looks like shes still angry.” Han Zhuoling stated things as they were.

He wanted to hear Han Zhuolis opinion on it as well.

“Thats a good sign,” Han Zhuoli said as he smiled.

Han Zhuoling sat up even straighter and even rolled his chair forward slightly.

However, he suddenly felt something was off and quickly retracted his slightly excited expression.

The corners of Han Zhuolis mouth twitched a little.

Luckily, he remembered it was not good to tease Han Zhuoling too much and left some face for him.

“Think about it.

If she was really that angry with you, she wouldnt even have accepted your flowers much less read your card patiently in front of Xiao Zhang,” Han Zhuoli said.

“So, this is a good sign.

You just need to work harder and you will definitely be able to coax her.”

Han Zhuoling felt encouraged and puffed up his chest.

“Thats what I thought too.

So I will continue sending flowers tomorrow and send them until she completely forgives me.”

Han Zhuoling thought to himself that he couldnt just keep giving flowers, but it was already a huge improvement for Han Zhuoling to have such an awareness.

“But what did you write in the card” Han Zhuoli asked curiously.

Han Zhuoling glanced at him.

His face was cold and arrogant as he said, “I just wroteI am sorry. What else can I write My apology is very sincere.

I just want to let her know that I am very sorry.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”


“You should at least say a few nicer words aside fromI am sorry, right” Han Zhuoli was almost speechless.

“‘I am sorry, those are only three words.

That would really seem insincere.”

“Is that so” Han Zhuoling touched his chin subconsciously.


Han Zhuoli: “…”

What did he understand

Did he really understand

The Han Zhuoli at present totally did not realize that back when he was at the hospital asking Mo Jingsheng and Chu Tian, he also said himself that he “understood.” Back then, Chu Tian and Mo Jingsheng also had the same thoughts as he did now.

Han Zhuoli felt that it was not good to continue being with Han Zhuoling.

He was afraid he would be influenced by Han Zhuoling as time went by.

After coming out of Han Zhuolings office, he happened to hear Tong Chunian confirming Han Zhuolings schedule for next Friday over the phone.

Han Zhuoli did not take it to heart at first.

He was already a few steps out when he suddenly heard Tong Chunian mention the welcome dinner to be held at the National Film Academy.

Han Zhuoli thought to himself that his Big Brother was really a tsundere male.

He knew that Han Zhuoling rejected the dinner invite previously.

He thought that it was reasonable too.

If he went, it was simply for the personal reason of supporting Lu Man.

But no matter what, as the CEO of the Han Corporation, his status was enough to grace the event.

With another Han going, the turnup might seem a little too grand.

He did not expect that Han Zhuoling would want to go again.

Han Zhuoli did not rush to leave now.

When Tong Chunian was done with the arrangements, he saw that Han Zhuoli was still around and immediately stood up and greeted, “CEO.”

Han Zhuoli nodded.

He walked a little closer and asked in a small voice, “My big brother is attending the welcome dinner at the National Film Academy this Friday”

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