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Chapter 1512: Suddenly Want to Go

He knew that as they were the head of the entertainment industry, the school had also invited Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoli would definitely be attending, because Lu Man would be there.

Han Zhuoling had rejected the invite previously and did not intend to go.

It was because Han Zhuoli alone was already quite an influential figure.

If he went as well, it would seem as if they were giving too much attention.

If he had the time, he might as well do some other work.

But now that Shi Xiaoya was attending as well, things were very different.

He did not know if Han Zhuoling would attend because of Shi Xiaoya, but Xiao Zhang felt that he still needed to let Han Zhuoling know about it, whether he wanted to go or not.

Han Zhuoling paused for a moment before he nodded.

“I got it.”

Xiao Zhang was curious.

So was he going or not

He struggled with his curiosity as he walked out of the door.

The moment he closed the office door, Xiao Zhang was pulled to the side by Tong Chunian.

Tong Chunian could not contain his curiosity.

“How did it go Whats Young Master Lings attitude towards this”

Xiao Zhang said in a relaxed tone, “We worried for nothing previously.

Young Master Ling indeed lives up to his name.

He is strong!”

Xiao Zhang gave a thumbs up and said, “He even said to continue sending flowers tomorrow! Judging from Young Master Lings attitude, as long as Shi Xiaoya is still angry, he will keep sending flowers!”

This was starting to have the spirit of a rich man wooing a girl.

Tong Chunian said in admiration, “Tell me, how is Young Master Ling so smart Hes never wooed a girl before, yet the moment he does, hes actually so good at it.

He even knows how to learn by analogy.

Hes not just good at working, he even learns so fast when it comes to wooing girls!”

“Why else would he be Young Master Ling” Xiao Zhang also chimed in admiration.

Han Zhuoling did not know that his two subordinates were imagining how easily enlightened he was about the skills for wooing girls.

But in reality, thats not true!

At that moment, the office line on Tong Chunians desk rang.

Tong Chunian told Xiao Zhang, “Young Master Ling is looking for me.

Ill go in first.”

“You carry on with work.” Xiao Zhang left after saying that.

Tong Chunian quickly entered Han Zhuolings office.

“Young Master Ling, you asked for me”

“Did the National Film Academy invite me to attend the welcome dinner for New York University exchange students previously” Han Zhuoling asked.


Back then, you felt that since Young Master Han was going, you wont need to go, so you rejected the invite,” Tong Chunian said.

Han Zhuoling tapped his index and middle fingers on the table before he said, “Reach out again.

Tell them that my original schedule has been canceled, so I have the time to go now.”

Tong Chunians face was filled with undisguised surprise.

Han Zhuoling never liked to attend such events.

He would always not go whenever possible and would only attend those that he had no choice but to attend.

Why did he suddenly want to go when he clearly rejected it previously

Tong Chunian thought about it but still could not wrap his mind around it.

He then agreed and did not ask the reason for it.

He went out and contacted the organizer again.

When the other party learned that Han Zhuoling was also going, he was overjoyed.

Han Zhuoli was already giving them enough face.

Now that both the big shots from the Han Corporation were going to appear, this level of influence was almost reaching that of an important awards ceremony.

Could he not be excited

After ending the call, Tong Chunian went to report to Han Zhuoling.

“Young Master Ling, Ive already contacted them.

The other party is extremely happy.”

Could they not be

Han Zhuoling nodded and Tong Chunian went out to work.

Tong Chunian told Xiao Zhang about this matter to let him be prepared.

Xiao Zhang was elated when he heard.

“Young Master Ling is really going! He didnt say anything just now, so I couldnt guess anything.

I thought he wasnt intending to go.”

“What do you mean You know why hes going” Tong Chunian immediately asked.

Xiao Zhang told him that Shi Xiaoya was going as well.

“Luckily, I was being more careful and walked especially slowly, so I managed to hear this.

I thought that no matter whether Young Master Ling is going or not, this is still a chance, so I mentioned it to Young Master Ling.

I didnt expect that Young Master Ling would actually decide to go.”

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