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Chapter 1509: Look How You Startled the Lady

No wonder Han Zhuoling finally fell in love.


I was sent by Mr.

Han Zhuoling to deliver these flowers to Ms.

Shi,” Xiao Zhang said.

Guo Yujies smile froze; she realized that she misunderstood.


How embarrassing!

Guo Yujie blushed.

Fortunately, she didnt speak her thoughts just then or she would now be beyond mortified.

“This…” Guo Yujie knew of the bad blood between Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling.

“Give it to me, then.”

Xiao Zhang smiled politely.

“Our Young Master Ling specifically instructed me to hand it to Ms.

Shi personally.”

Xiao Zhang scratched his head.

“He… just… wanted to apologize, with all his heart!”

Guo Yujie looked at the flowers, thinking that such a big bouquet must have been expensive, but if he really wanted to apologize, why didnt he come himself and had sent someone else Wheres the sincerity in that

However, Guo Yujie still said, “Right, then let me tell Xiaoya first.”

“Alright, thanks.” Xiao Zhang smiled.

Shi Xiaoya had just finished arranging her stuff when Guo Yujie knocked on her door.

Opening it, she said, “Xiaoya, someones here to send you flowers and want you to receive it personally.”

Guo Yujie dared not say it was from Han Zhuoling.

She was afraid Shi Xiaoya would refuse without seeing it.

Treat it as doing him a favor, then, to at least let Shi Xiaoya know this.

“Flowers” Shi Xiaoya was curious.

Who would send her flowers

Outside her office, Xiao Zhang heard Guo Yujies words and knew why shed worded it this way.

Shooting a look of thanks, he then turned towards Shi Xiaoya.

“Hello, Ms.


Im Young Master Lings chauffeur—you can call me Xiao Zhang,” Xiao Zhang said, introducing himself.

“Young Master Ling gives you these flowers.”

Shi Xiaoya took a couple of steps back in shock.

What was going on

Han Zhuoling giving her flowers

That aloof man actually sending flowers

Over her dead body!

She couldnt even imagine the scene.

Under what circumstances did Han Zhuoling think of giving flowers

Xiao Zhang: “…”

What sin!

Look how you startled the lady by giving her a bunch of flowers.

You can see how scary Han Zhuoling usually is!

Even speaking of him sending flowers was something one wont believe, let alone actually him doing it.

Xiao Zhang smiled and took a step forward.


Shi, this was specially bought by Young Master Ling, and he asked me to deliver it to you.

Young Master Lings card is inside too.

You must read it.”

Shi Xiaoya couldnt shoo him off with the flowers, could she

But she refused to believe that Han Zhuoling requested to buy the flowers, because it was impossible no matter how she thought about it.

Perhaps he just mentioned buying something in apology in passing, and his assistant thought of flowers.

Else, who would use a bunch of roses to apologize when theyre just friends!

Its not like… like they were lovers or something…

Shi Xiaoya blushed and took the flowers.

Her blush refused to fade with a big bouquet of fresh, red roses in her arms.

“Thank you for the trouble,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Feeling that Han Zhuolings delivery was all his assistants idea, she thanked Xiao Zhang.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Zhang didnt leave.

She couldnt drive him away, so she asked, “Is there anything else”

Xiao Zhang pointed at the flowers in her arms.

“Wont you please take a look at Young Master Lings card inside”

“…” Shi Xiaoya noticed there was a card in there, but Xiao Zhang meant for her to read it right there and now

“Frankly, if I dont see you reading it right now, Young Master Ling wont be assured.

He specifically instructed this to me,” Xiao Zhang said honestly.

Otherwise, how could he explain his continued presence here

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