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Chapter 1508: Putting on a Show

Han Zhuoling paused, “Tell me personally.”

“Yes.” Seeing that Han Zhuoling finally finished this time, Tong Chunian called Xiao Zhang over to tell him personally, lest the instructions became unclear over the phone and they messed up their task.

Since this was the first time Han Zhuoling was sending flowers to a girl—its an important matter.

When Xiao Zhang arrived, Tong Chunian conveyed Han Zhuolings wishes word-for-word to him.

As Han Zhuolings chauffeur, Xiao Zhang was like Tong Chunian, someone whom Han Zhuoling was close with, brought along over to Europe and back.

They knew Han Zhuolings temperament, having been alongside Han Zhuoling all these years.

They never thought that Han Zhuoling would be sending flowers to a girl one day.

Xiao Zhang straightened his spine, patting his chest as he guaranteed, “Ill personally send it right to Shi Xiaoyas hands.

If she doesnt give me a reply, Ill stay there and not move an inch.”

“Were counting on you!” Tong Chunian handed the card Han Zhuoling had written to Xiao Zhang like it was some precious valuable.

“You must let Shi Xiaoya read Young Master Lings card.”

“Rest assured!” Xiao Zhang nodded seriously and tucked the envelope safely.

Han Zhuoling had no idea that his two subordinates were putting on a show outside.


Over at Shi Xiaoyas company.

She was opening up her deliveries in her office.

She had shopped online for a few boxes worth of new products from overseas, all from professional cosmetic brands.

The items included large eyeshadow palettes from a few brands, KAs festive eyeshadow palette, Anastasias new Dream Six-Color Highlights, a few palettes of shading powder, and a current, trending hydra mist, which many vloggers had recommended.

There were also a few new sponsored products like lip balms and lip glosses, which were not yet on the market.

The ones delivered to her office when she was in Nanhai City were not yet opened either.

Arriving for work today, Shi Xiaoya set about dismantling the boxes, planning to organize the items and to find time to upload a few makeup tutorials with these products on Weibo.

Just then, Xiao Zhang arrived with a big bouquet of roses outside Shi Xiaoyas company.

Han Zhuoling had thought of everything, except for the type of flowers.

Tong Chunian didnt ask, but asking Han Zhuoling was useless since he wouldnt know either.

When had he ever given flowers to girls

Not the least bit experienced, hes worst than Xiao Zhang and him.

They discussed and decided that giving roses was the safest choice.

“Hello, Assistant Guo.” Xiao Zhang knew Guo Yujie.

He had seen Guo Yujie beside Shi Xiaoya yesterday at the airport and knew that Shi Xiaoya had an assistant called Guo Yujie, so he made the connection.

“You are…” The other party knew her name, yet she had no impression of him at all.

And was further stunned when she saw the bouquet in Xiao Zhangs arms.

Was he trying to woo her

Guo Yujie couldnt stop her smile.

She might not know him, but he probably saw her somewhere before and just never introduced himself.


She had never seen him and she already got herself an admirer out of the blue.

This must be the legendary love at first sight!

Who knew she was so charismatic!

Guo Yujies smile kept getting bigger, her eyes getting smaller in the meantime.

Xiao Zhang didnt know that she was misreading the situation, merely surprised that Shi Xiaoyas assistant was so attentive.

What a kind lady!

Based on this, Shi Xiaoya should be similarly good as well.

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