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Han Zhuoling threw the tablet aside in frustration, then threw the blanket over himself.


The next day, he went to the Han Corporation.

Han Zhuoli, who knew he had come back, went to find Han Zhuoling in his office.

“Brother.” Han Zhuoli entered the office and saw that Han Zhuoling seemed exhausted.

He even had dark circles under his eyes.

As a workaholic, Han Zhuoling usually spent more time working than sleeping.

He typically slept for about five hours every day, yet he was still full of energy and never had dark circles.

“Is it that tiring to film a variety show” Han Zhuoli joked, sitting opposite Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling knew how haggard he looked today.

He had seen himself in the mirror this morning and even gave Lin Liye, who thought he was ill, a scare.

After hed placated her and guaranteed that he was fine, Lin Liye then allowed him out.

Then, he attracted the attention of the Han Corporations employees when he reached the company.

“Its okay.” Han Zhuoling peeped at Han Zhuoli, hesitating.


“Uh what” Han Zhuoli leaned forward, as if he smelled gossip.

Han Zhuoling felt as if his tie was strangling him and pulled at it.

“Im saying… If…”

If what

He was making Han Zhuoli anxious.

Why couldnt Han Zhuoling just spit it out like usual His beating around the bush today was so exhausting.

Han Zhuoling frowned and thought for a long while.

Han Zhuoli thought he would suffocate waiting.

Finally, he heard Han Zhuoling say, “If… If I made someone angry, what should I do”

Han Zhuoli blinked.


What else was there to do


Ive already apologized, but the person is still angry.

I just…” Han Zhuoling tightened his lips.

“Want that person to stop being angry.”

Han Zhuolis eyes sparkled as he shifted his chair forward and almost leaned into Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Hes still the Han Corporations CEO.

He should care about his image!

“A woman” Han Zhuoli asked.

“…” Han Zhuoling moved his fingers awkwardly.

“How do you know”

“Heh, if it was a guy, why bother thinking so much Just grab a meal together, have a drink, and apologize properly, that will do.

If he forgives you, he forgives you, and we cant help it if he hates you forever.

Moreover, if hes offended forever just because of one thing, then hes probably someone youre on bad terms with, and you probably wont even be bothered by this.” To even especially seek his opinion.

Obviously, it was a lady!

Was the long-awaited romance in the air for his brother

“What is it You have to tell me the details so I can better help you!” Han Zhuoli said.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Why did he keep feeling that Han Zhuoli was doing it for the gossip

Han Zhuoli shifted his chair forward some more and explained, “Look at us three brothers.

Only I have wooed someone properly before, so Im the only one who understands this! You have to tell me everything, then Ill know how to settle this.

Isnt that so Oh, right, whos the lady”

Han Zhuolis big words were just to poke fun at Han Zhuoling, who didnt know how he had successfully wooed Lu Man.

Han Zhuoling found it hard to speak the words while facing Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli continued, “Brother, the lady wont forgive you with you being like this.

Look at you, putting on that somber face every day.

We brothers know that youre actually rather mild-tempered, but others dont know that! Theyd assume that youre ill-humored when looking at that scary face of yours.

You have to tell me how you angered the lady so I can better solve your problem.”

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