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Seeing Tong Chunian looking dazedly at him, he growled, “Is your report done I want it by tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, yes! Im doing it now!” Tong Chunian immediately turned to his notebook and worked furiously at it.

After the plane landed, Han Zhuolings chauffeur came for him while Qin Zigous company chauffeur also came to pick him and Shi Xiaoya up.

Han Zhuoling boarded his car and the chauffeur asked, “Young Master Ling, are we headed home”

It was already late, and Han Zhuoling probably wouldnt head straight for the company the moment he landed even if he was a workaholic.

And even if he went, there was no one in the company.

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoling ordered, “Follow the car in front.”

“Huh Okay.” After the initial surprise, the chauffeur immediately set to task.

Because he was sending Guo Yujie and Liu Ming home too, Qin Zigou had called for a company minivan.

When they went out in teams with many people usually, they required such big cars as well.

After driving for a long time, the chauffeur dropped off Guo Yujie and Liu Ming, leaving Qin Zigou and Shi Xiaoya.

The chauffeur found something strange.

“There seems to be a car tailing us.

Is it a coincidence”

The chauffeur was a normal one, not like Xiao Guo and Xiao Chen.

If it were those two, they wouldve noticed that they were being tailed instantly.

“Whats going on” Qin Zigou turned around and saw a Rolls-Royce Phantom following them.

“Ive noticed the car for a while,” the driver said.

“They slowed when we slowed, they sped up when we did.

When we stopped at Liu Mings and Xiao Guos homes, they stopped too.

But judging by that expensive car, I dont reckon theyre going to crash our car with theirs to make trouble, even if theyre tailing us.”

Even if they really harbored ill intentions, who would drive that conspicuous car to make trouble

It was so prominent, everyone would know it with a glance!

Qin Zigou took a look and knew whose car it was.

Wasnt it Han Zhuolings

Though he hadnt seen Han Zhuoling drive this car before, Han Zhuoling had been following Shi Xiaoya from Nanhai City to the plane, and even after landing.

His following them wasnt anything surprising.

Qin Zigou pursed his lips.

“Dont mind him.

If he wants to follow us, let him.

Its fine.”

Hearing that there was no danger, the chauffeur knew its probably someone his boss knew and heaved a sigh of relief.

The car stopped below Shi Xiaoyas flat, and Qin Zigou got out after Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya looked at him strangely, only to hear Qin Zigou say, “Ill send you up.”

“Whats with you today To send me up” This was unprecedented, so Shi Xiaoya was surprised.

Qin Zigou pursed his lips, indicating at the car behind.

“Isnt it because someones looking”

Shi Xiaoya frowned.

She didnt know what Han Zhuoling was thinking, to follow her to her flat.

If she didnt know Han Zhuoling, she wouldve taken him for a stalker.

“What are you acting for him for!” Shi Xiaoya grumbled.

“Its fine, I dont need you to send me up.

Its not like you dont know how safe I am here.

If you cant stand him, then just stay here and watch.

Dont… dont let him follow me.”

“Alright.” Qin Zigou also didnt wish to force someones hand too quickly.

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