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Chapter 1496: Asking for Praise

The doorkeeper said, “The survivor that has the token can enter the door directly.

If you do not have it, you can only decipher the password on the door.”

The doorkeeper stretched out his hand and said, “Please.”

Han Zhuoling glanced at Shi Xiaoya and took the initiative to explain to her, “As they added the fourth mission last minute, the production team probably changed the entry conditions for this round at the last minute.

If the fourth mission did not exist, the person who got here should have to decipher the password using the third clue.

However, now that there is a fourth mission, if the person who reached this place has the fourth clue, he can use it as a token to gain direct entry.

If he did not have it, then he would still have to decipher the answer to the third clue to enter.”

Director: “…”

Haha, he wanted to take back his thoughts from earlier.

It was better to let Han Zhuoling shut up.

It was just that Shi Xiaoya was ignoring him, but Han Zhuoling still explained so clearly of his own accord.

Han Zhuoling glanced at Shi Xiaoya, but Shi Xiaoya refused to give him a reply.

Han Zhuoling then silently went to key in the password at the door.

Yet no matter how you looked at his back, it just gave off a very pitiful feeling.

Han Zhuoling quickly keyed in the password and the door slowly opened.

Han Zhuoling turned and stared at Shi Xiaoya happily.

Director: “…”

First Young Master Han, your expression thats asking for praise cannot be more obvious.

It was probably because Shi Xiaoya ignored him quite a few times already that Han Zhuoling got used to it and very quickly retracted his gaze and entered the house.

Yet he discovered that Qin Zigou was already inside and squatting in a corner while scratching his head.


Qin Zigou had the fourth clue in his hands, so he had likely been a little faster.

Qin Zigou turned when he heard the sound.

When he saw that it was Han Zhuoling, he was dazed for a moment before he greeted, “Young Master Ling.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

He thought of the scene in the morning when Qin Zigou and Shi Xiaoya were standing outside the tent and did not have a good expression on his face.

Han Zhuoling closed the door behind him, and the ceiling above suddenly lit up.

He looked up and saw that the ceiling was actually a huge projector screen.

The projector slowly rolled down before moving into an angle that was easier for people to see.

A voice sounded as the words lit up.

“Congratulations on reaching the last round.

Do you see that machine in the room After gathering all four clues, solve the final problem and you will be eligible to leave the deserted island.”

When the voice-over ended, the projector slowly reeled back up.

Han Zhuoling himself was not prepared when a “bang” sounded to his left.

A burst of confetti followed the sound of the explosion and drifted down to the floor.

Mixed in its midst was the clue for this round.

Han Zhuoling did not pick up the clue at once but raised his objection to the director first.

“When you go back, have a good discussion with your production team.

What if you scare someone badly with all these scary antics”

Shi Xiaoya was totally unprepared for it just now and even trembled from the scare.

And because they were filming the show, she did not dare to make a sound.

Director: “…”

“Okay, okay, we will definitely take note,” the director immediately said.

Han Zhuoling glanced at the question for the last round as he walked up to the machine.

When Qin Zigou saw that, he came over as well and could only watch as Han Zhuoling wrote the answer and keyed it in.

In the end, it ended with Han Zhuoling securing victory.


Everyone finally left the deserted island and returned to Nanhai City.

Shi Xiaoya booked the afternoon flight to return to B City.

There was still some time, so she returned to the hotel to rest first.

Qin Zigou recalled the situation in the morning and came to ask Shi Xiaoya about it.

However, Shi Xiaoya did not want to talk about the incident in the morning anymore, so she did not say anything.

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