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Chapter 1492: How Could Han Zhuoling Have Puppy Dog Eyes

Shi Xiaoya tried with difficulty and found that she really couldnt do it, so she looked at Han Zhuoling, hinting that he should cooperate and lower his head.

But she didnt speak, so Han Zhuoling acted like he didnt understand and remained unmoved.

Actually, anyone would have understood Shi Xiaoyas meaning even if she didnt open her mouth.

They would have automatically bent to accommodate her without being told to.

She didnt believe for one second that Han Zhuoling wouldnt get her hint with his IQ.

He was obviously playing dumb!

Han Zhuoling naturally knew what Shi Xiaoya wanted; he wouldve accommodated her without being told if this was before.

But he wanted to make Shi Xiaoya talk to him right now.

Not for her to reply with a few curt words to his question.

Even if she was still distant, at least she would speak more.

The best would be…

Han Zhuoling lowered his eyes and observed Shi Xiaoya, who reached only to his shoulders.

The best would be if she used him for support when she loses her balance.

But he remained still, and Shi Xiaoya remained still.

No idea where the lass got her courage from, but she actually engaged in a staring battle with him.

The director at the side wanted to remind them to seize the time and quickly go film.

But she dared not make a sound while looking at Han Zhuoling.

Shi Xiaoya pursed her lips, adamantly not moving.

Han Zhuoling sighed silently.

He planned to soothe her after making her angry; he didnt want to create a bigger mess.

Looking at the situation, he though Shi Xiaoya might become even angrier.

Han Zhuoling could only lower his upper body and bend his head, his hands fumbling slightly.

Shi Xiaoya instantly regretted it.

She merely didnt wish to speak to Han Zhuoling in her fit of pique.

But his face drew close to her face in the suddenness of Han Zhuolings moving.

It wasnt on purpose, it was a natural occurrence due to the act of bending.

Hence, the distance between them became intimate.

His magnified face was right in front of her, and Shi Xiaoya knew that his face could withstand being magnified.

He was so attractive that it made people jealous.

Not knowing if her illusion was due to nerves, she kept feeling that Han Zhuolings nose was especially close to her, as if they would touch the moment she moved.

She blushed, once more feeling his warm breaths upon her face.

His sudden nearness inevitably made Shi Xiaoya look into his eyes.

The black orbs were no longer filled with fury like before.

Now, they were peaceful, even filled with gentleness.

Shi Xiaoya paused, unable to believe that she could see such an emotion in Han Zhuolings eyes, that she was able to use “gentle” to describe him.

She could see hope and hesitation in his eyes, which were just staring hopefully at her.

Shi Xiaoya closed her eyes, thinking that it must be her hallucination.

How could Han Zhuoling have puppy dog eyes

She finally put the lipstick to his lips, though it felt weird doing it singlehandedly.

Resigned, she could only raise her left hand to support his face.

His skin was fine, but she could still feel the coarseness of his stubble.

The two different textures sensitized the skin on her fingertips, and Shi Xiaoya couldnt stop her fingers from trembling slightly in her nervousness.

His breaths all landed on her lips, making her distracted as she blushed to the tips of her ears.

Han Zhuoling fared no better.

He was clearly irritated when Yuan Yina touched him, his body screaming rejection with goosebumps all over him.

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