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Chapter 1483: Theres Something Between You Two

“…” Shi Xiaoya explained, “Thats because Yuan Yina made advances on him while I didnt.”

“Haha!” Qin Zigou was not letting her off so easily.

“I dont know what happened during your filming, so I cant say much.”

But he was sure that there was plenty of pink bubbles erupting everywhere!

“But during dinner time when I wanted a bit of your hot pot, you saw how petty he was! Not even giving me a little, just the soup,” Qin Zigou complained.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

This… she really couldnt explain this.

She couldnt react in time back then.

Thinking back now, she had no idea what Han Zhuoling was thinking at the time.

But to say that theres something intimate going on between her and Han Zhuoling Over her dead body!

Thats Han Zhuoling!

Looking at his stern and aloof looks, Shi Xiaoya thought that anyone who could move his heart would be no commoner.

She had no idea if the fairy that could move Han Zhuolings heart would even appear in her lifetime.

Every time she saw Han Zhuolings aura, she found it hard to imagine a woman standing beside him and being lovey-dovey with him.

“What are you imagining me and Han Zhuoling together for!” Shi Xiaoya pressed her screen forcefully.

Shi Xiaoya blushed when the words left her mouth.

She and Han Zhuoling…

She was embarrassed just thinking about their names placed together.

“What imagining Even the blind could see the thing going on between you two!” Qin Zigou said.

“Stop! I dont want to talk to you anymore,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Im going to sleep!”

“Okay, okay, I wont say any more.

If you dont believe me, just observe with your own eyes.” Qin Zigou spoke what he wanted to say and was satisfied.

Thinking of tomorrows filming, he hurriedly closed his eyes and slept.

But because of him, Shi Xiaoya couldnt fall asleep.

The moment she shut her eyes, Han Zhuolings face appeared in her mind.

And she kept shaking head to clear her mind.

Knowing that tomorrow would be more tiring, she wanted to fall asleep soon, but she couldnt.

The more she forced herself to sleep, the more she failed, and the more irritated she felt.

Finally, after a long time, she slipped into dreamland.

But she was awoken by someone after some time.

“Xiaoya! Xiaoya!” Han Zhuolings Follow PD called softly from outside her tent.

Shi Xiaoya woke dazed, identifying the PDs voice and opening her tent.

“PD What is it”

She checked the sky—it barely had a glimpse of light on the horizon.

“Go and do makeup for Young Master Ling.

Well start filming in 20 minutes,” the director said.

“So early” Shi Xiaoya was surprised.

The director laughed bitterly.

“Isnt it because Young Master Ling is on a roll All our previously discussed challenges were useless on him, so we pulled an all-nighter to add another segment.

Its to catch the hosts unawares, and the audiences love these.

But he needs to look camera-ready, so the makeup artist has to do makeup in advance.”

“Alright.” Looking at the situation, Shi Xiaoya knew she couldnt freshen up, put on makeup, and go out presentable.

She could only say, “Let me get dressed first.”

“No need, theres no time.” The PD looked at her pajamas.

Because they were in the wilderness, no one would dress too inappropriately.

Shi Xiaoya was dressed fine even for going out for day-to-day activities.

“Youre fine with what youre wearing.

Just go like this or well be late.

I say its 20 minutes, but we actually gave only 10 minutes for makeup time.

The other 10 is for the hosts to prepare themselves.”

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