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Han Zhuoling did not reply to Shi Xiaoya.

He just stared squarely behind her.

Before anyone knew it, he suddenly sprang forward and grabbed Shi Xiaoya with his arms while flicking his right hand at the same time.

The small knife actually shot right into the tree, as well as into that snake.

The knife was right smack at the seventh inch of the snake1.

Shi Xiaoya had not reacted, but the cameraman and director were both stunned by Han Zhuolings move.

Both of them gaped simultaneously.

Han Zhuolings move was really too quick just now.

In a flash, the small knife had already struck towards the tree.

They did not even have time to react.

When Shi Xiaoya saw the end result, she had long forgotten how scared she had been just then.

After all, his actions were too fast and the snake was dead.

Shi Xiaoya turned and saw the snake that was pinned to the tree by the knife.

She then turned back and her gaze landed right on Han Zhuolings chest.

He was wearing a simple T-shirt.

Not coincidentally, she could feel his body temperature through his shirt.

All she could see was his broad chest.

Even if she did not lean onto him, she could tell that it was very solid and made one feel assured.

“Its fine now.” A calm yet nice-sounding voice rang down from the top of her head.

Shi Xiaoyas face turned hot, and she only then realized that she had been hugging him all along.

She instantly berated herself in her heart.

Whats wrong with her now

How could she keep hugging Han Zhuoling for no reason

Shi Xiaoya quickly let go and wanted to step back.

Alas, her legs had turned to jelly and she almost collapsed on the ground.

She did not feel it when she was hugging Han Zhuoling just now and only realized that her legs had turned to jelly from how scared she was.

Although Han Zhuoling did not tell her what was going on just now, it was just like what she had told Han Zhuoling.

The more he did not tell her, the more she would panic, because she did not know what was behind her.

Luckily, Han Zhuoling reacted fast and pulled her back into his arms.

Great, Shi Xiaoya was back in Han Zhuolings arms.

This time, she did not dare to hug him.

It was Han Zhuoling who did not dare to let go of her now.

After a while, Shi Xiaoya said, “Im fine now.”

Han Zhuoling looked at her, as if to check if she was telling the truth.

He only briefly took a look at her, but it was enough to make Shi Xiaoya feel nervous.

Han Zhuoling then let go of her.

Seeing Shi Xiaoya standing firmly on the ground, he knew she was indeed fine now.

Han Zhuoling then walked up to inspect the snake that had been stabbed to death.

“Its not poisonous.”

Even though it was dead, it still made one heave a sigh of relief.

Han Zhuoling suddenly turned back and asked Shi Xiaoya, “Do you eat snake meat”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

“No!” Shi Xiaoya very adamantly rejected this suggestion.

Because of that interlude, Shi Xiaoya became a little more gutsy in front of Han Zhuoling.

She even dared to ask him back, “Are you really planning to stay here for the night and prepare dinner beforehand”

Han Zhuoling seemed to be looking pretty reluctantly at that snake before pulling out the knife and picking up a palm-sized leaf to clean it.

That snake just dropped to his feet like that.

Shi Xiaoya did not dare to get close and just stayed a few steps away from them.

She had been afraid of snakes from a young age, especially of snakeskin.

It was just scary for some reason.

Just taking a look at it would almost give her goosebumps.

She still remembered when she was young, the Old Master really liked to make medicinal liquor.

He would soak ginseng in baijiu1 using a glass jar and add some other herbs that she did not recognize.

The one that left the greatest impression on her was one that had a full-length snake enclosed in it.

Its pair of eyes just stared straight outside.

It was scary no matter how you looked at it, much less the grooves and patterns on the snakeskin.

Every time Shi Xiaoya walked past it, she would get goosebumps from that.

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