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Chapter 1470: Sounds Like Self-praise

Han Zhuoling took a brief glance again furtively before he said, “Continue.”

Shi Xiaoya took out something that looked like a pencil and removed the cap.

It looked like the color of lipstick.

The big, straight man from the Han Family still did not know that this thing was called a lipstick pen.


What is this” Han Zhuoling instinctively felt that he would not like it.

Shi Xiaoya patiently explained, “This is a lipstick pen.

The color is very faint.

It will look like a very natural lip color on camera and make your overall complexion look better.”

As for what brand or shade it was, Shi Xiaoya did not even mention it.

As if Han Zhuoling would understand if she told him.

To let Han Zhuoling believe her, Shi Xiaoya did a swatch on the back of her hand.

The back of her hand was white.

Han Zhuoling saw that that color seemed even more red and pretty on her hand.

Naturally, he also realized that her hand seemed especially fair and smooth.

It was alarmingly pretty.

“See, its obviously so red.” Han Zhuoling pointed to her hand with a look as if she had lied to him.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

She cant possibly say that it was because she was fair, right

That would sound like self-praise.

She could only say, “It will be different when applied to the lips.

And I will use a lip brush.

I will put on only a bit for you.

You really wont be able to tell.”

Han Zhuoling had a face that said “you better not be lying to me.” He pointed to his eyes and said, “The eyeliner is my limit.”

“You will look paler in front of the camera.

It will make an originally nice lip color become less obvious.

If youve seen those male artistes attending shows, they would all have had to put on some lipstick of this color,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

“My lip color is very healthy,” Han Zhuoling said obstinately.

Shi Xiaoya knew that his lip color was indeed nice.

At this moment, his nice-looking lips also pursed into a thin line.

From top to toe, every pore on his body was in resistance mode.

Feeling helpless, Shi Xiaoya could only give up.

“Okay, then.

We wont apply it.”

Han Zhuolings lips quickly curved up for a moment before he quickly retracted it.

It was so fast that even Shi Xiaoya did not see clearly.

She felt that she probably saw wrongly.

Han Zhuoling felt that Shi Xiaoyas abiding manner was quite obedient of her.

The other guests were also done with their makeup.

They all wanted to look good on camera and adjust their complexion.

Just like Han Zhuoling, they also had eyeliner on.

However, they all had on a very light tint of lipstick.

Only Han Zhuoling did not have it.

Shi Xiaoya only put on some lip balm for him.

Han Zhuoling realized that Shi Xiaoya was indeed slightly more skilled.

He could tell with one look that the others had eyeliner drawn on.

Only his was not visible!

Han Zhuoling felt really happy and walked outside feeling good as they prepared to gather at the entrance of the hotel and start filming officially.

Just as they were walking out, he saw from his peripheral vision that Qin Zigou had gone to find Shi Xiaoya and both of them were walking together.

Qin Zigou said in a small voice, “Your skills are still better.

Look at my eyeliner—its way too obvious.

Its not like Im going for the visual appeal.”

Shi Xiaoya glanced at him and said, “Its still okay.

It wont be that obvious on camera.”

Qin Zigou glanced at Han Zhuoling, who was walking in front, and realized that he had unknowingly slowed down his pace.

His lips curved up as he said, “Can you wipe off the part here at the corner of my eyes”

“Should be possible.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

Qin Zigou just lowered his head and said, “Then help me wipe it off.”

“Yujie, give me a cotton bud,” Shi Xiaoya said, turning.

Guo Yujie immediately took out a box of cotton buds from the makeup box and took out one cotton bud for Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya gently rubbed twice on the corners of Qin Zigous eyes.

When Qin Zigou looked into the mirror, he found that it did look much better.

When he passed the mirror back to Guo Yujie, he heard Guo Yujie say, “Why do I feel like this room suddenly got colder”

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