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Chapter 1465: Purposely Making Her Uncomfortable

Thats Han Zhuoling!

The ultimate Big Boss.

She did not have the courage to tackle this challenge currently anyway.

Qin Zigou looked at Han Zhuoling, then looked at Shi Xiaoya.

For some reason, he thought of yesterday night, when Shi Xiaoya hugged Han Zhuoling in the lift.

Yuan Yina had certainly done something untoward to Han Zhuoling just now.

But using makeup time for inappropriate advances meant that those advances wouldnt be too over the top.

At least, not as over the top as last nights hug.

Han Zhuoling had no reaction towards Shi Xiaoya “throwing herself” at him yesterday, but he had such a large reaction today against Yuan Yina.

If it was really s*xual harassment, Shi Xiaoyas hug last night would have been more applicable.

Qin Zigou snickered, feeling as if he had discovered something great.

Shi Xiaoya was just looking at him being crazy at the side, no idea what stories Qin Zigou was conjuring by himself.

“Ha!” Qin Zigou said.

“I have no problem with having Xiaoya switch over to Young Master Ling.”

Lu Dongliu sighed in relief, grateful that Qin Zigou made things easy.

But he celebrated too early.

He heard Qin Zigou continue with, “Xiaoya can go over to Young Master Ling, but I dont want Yuan Yina.”

Yuan Yina was infuriated.

Why Was she not fit to do makeup for him

She then saw Qin Zigou lift his chin.

“What if she s*xually harasses me”

Lu Dongliu: “…”

Yuan Yina: “…”

Yuan Yina was trembling in anger.

She did have that intention towards Han Zhuoling, but she had standards!

No matter what, she wouldnt do anything towards that Qin Zigou!

Qin Zigou was on good terms with Shi Xiaoya, but she and Shi Xiaoya were rivals!

Hes purposely making her uncomfortable!

Qin Zigou was really intentionally making things difficult for her.

Just based on the sole reason that Yuan Yina had always been on bad terms with Shi Xiaoya, he wouldnt let Yuan Yina do his makeup.

If he could seize the chance to make Yuan Yina scramble off, it would be even better.

Lu Dongliu hesitated, looking at others to see if anyone else was willing to swap.

If only there were female hosts today.

There wouldnt be issues of impropriety by letting Yuan Yina do the female MCs makeup.

But there were only male MCs today.

Zhang Shuidong had always cared for reputation and opposed any type of scandal.

“Im rather satisfied with Xiao Shi.

Hes done makeup for me often.

We have good chemistry.”

Everyone else fervently imitated Zhang Shuidongs words, saying they were good with their makeup artists and didnt want to swap.

Though they did not say it explicitly, everyone knew why they refused to switch makeup artists.

Since they were not their personal makeup artists, there was no such thing as chemistry between them.

Werent they just afraid of being dragged into scandals and rumors with Yuan Yina

Especially when Yuan Yina was so recently accused by Han Zhuoling.

She probably was going to have a difficult time in the industry in the future.

Whos to know if she might become a cornered beast and even wish to drag them down with her today

Yet Qin Zigou outright refused to let Yuan Yina do his makeup even though he was willing to let go of Shi Xiaoya.

He obviously had no intention of fighting with Han Zhuoling.

And the crux of the matter was as plain as day.

The fault lay with Yuan Yina.

Lu Dongliu considered it and said, “Our production team brought a makeup artist over, just in case.

If you dont mind, Cris, would you want our production teams makeup artist”

“Alright!” This time, Qin Zigou agreed readily, not a hint of playing the diva.

He did not mind having even the production teams makeup artist, so obviously, he was just picking on Yuan Yina.

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