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Qin Zigou laughed sheepishly and pointed to Lu Dongliu.

“Director Lu dares to.

Look, he brought a whole bunch of people over early in the morning.

Why dont we just go down to eat and leave the directing crew and camera crew to shoot here”

Zhang Jian nodded.

“I think thats fine.”

Lu Dongliu: “…”

How did it feel like to invite guests that were big shots

They were all a bunch of ancestors!

However, Qin Zigou was also just saying that.

How could he really leave the production team on their own here

They still continued walking as a nervous bunch until they finally reached Han Zhuolings door.

“Whos going to open the door” Zhang Shuidong looked towards Lu Dongliu.

The room card was with him.

Everyone pointed at Lu Dongliu at once.

Their courage was laudable enough for them to even stand around here.

Opening the door to barge in

It was impossible.

It did not exist.

They would never do it even if they die!

Qin Zigou had personal experience with it.

After all, it was only last night when he felt the low pressure from Han Zhuoling.

He would not dare to rush to the front even if you beat him to death right now.

Lu Dongliu was frustrated by their antics.

He could only brace himself to go up and swipe the card.

Zhang Jian snorted a laugh and said, “Director Lu, your hand better not be shaking!”

Lu Dongliu: “…”

Is he shameless or what!

Right after that, they heard a “beep.” Lu Dongliu was shocked.

“I havent swiped my card, though”

Right after he said that, the door opened.

Everyone saw that Han Zhuoling had long packed his things and was wearing a casual outfit, standing at the doorway looking refreshed.

“Young Master Ling, you are up so early” Lu Dongliu asked awkwardly.

“I woke up early to work,” Han Zhuoling said plainly.

Everyone suddenly felt enlightened.


Those rumors that rich people who did their business excellently always woke up at around 4 am or 5 am Looks like theyre true!

Han Zhuoling saw the camera behind them and asked, “Weve started filming already”

“Yes, yes.” Lu Dongliu immediately nodded.

Han Zhuoling nodded and said, “Then lets go.”

“Youre done You dont need to prepare anything else” Lu Dongliu asked.

He had never seen someone who left so readily.

The previous five guests were all woken up from their beds and came out only after a long while of packing.

Han Zhuoling looked down at himself and said, “Im already done packing.

How else do you want me to pack”

“No need, no need.

Lets go, then,” Lu Dongliu said as he gestured to stop the filming.

“Lets go and eat breakfast first.

Theres no need to film that.

Breakfast at the hotel hasnt started, so the breakfast is bought by the production team from nearby.

After eating, it will be time to put on makeup before officially starting to film.”

“Officially filming Then what was that about just now” Lin Yantao asked.

“Just now was a prelude.

For the first episode of the show, we need a special opening.

The audience really likes to look at how the guests are like in private.”

Lin Yantao just gave an “Oh” and did not feel anything wrong with that.

Zhang Jian happened to be walking in between Qin Zigou and Liu Chuanhui, and he quietly said to the two, “Why do I feel like we are on the losing end We were all woken up from our beds by the production team.

We did not have any makeup on, our hair was messy, our faces were not washed, our teeth not brushed.

We looked like such a mess that our image is gone.

In the end, when it came to Young Master Ling, he had long gotten up early and dressed neatly.

He looks refreshed all over and did not have any flaws to pick on.”

“Could the production team have revealed the filming process to him” Qin Zigou said in a small voice.

“No, no, not at all.” It just so happened that Chi Xingrui was right beside them.

When he heard Qin Zigous words, he quickly explained.

“What the f*ck, you scared me!” Qin Zigou patted his chest.

Chi Xingrui laughed dryly.

He thought to himself, Its because you were talking behind others backs, thats why you feel guilty.

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